The keto ice cream was an ALDI Find, which means it was only intended to be in stores for a short time. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. Sold at Walmart and Franz Bakery that I know of thus far. This bread has changed everything for me. Numerous studies have shown that a low carb diet can be very beneficial in helping to control diabetes, as well as for weight loss, but Aldi’s ignores that huge portion of the market. The DR had me taking 4 metforman a day, but now I’m not taking any thanks to a strict keto diet. – O’Fallon, MO *shrug*. And while it does have its limitations — it’s a little chewier than normal bread — it is a close approximation, especially when you doctor it with butter and jam or sandwich toppings the way you doctor most breads. thank you for the heads up. Carb bread would probably not be in your stores until the 2d quarter. Foods are also not “inflammatory”. did you hear from Aldi via Twitter or their customer service contact phone number? 2) Insulin is released by the pancreas as a response to rising blood sugar levels. I see a lot of conflation with Keto/Paleo/Whole 30 when people talk about Ketogenic diets. The bread IS coming back, it’s going to be a year round item in ALL states\stores, they just have to ramp up production to begin getting supply on shelves. You wouldn’t think of bread as something that could be carb-free, but this bread comes close, thanks to having carbs made entirely of fiber. Thank you…..this gives me something to think about. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Too many folks believe that if they don’t see a rise in blood glucose, all is good. A number of diets, from the paleo to the keto, have pushed for lower carb intake, which has in turn spurred a rise in low-carb alternatives to foods that are traditionally higher in carbs. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; They are detrimental to our cells. DeKalb Illinois has already received their SECOND October shipment! Oddly the afternoon they were sold out it was available on eBay at three times the cost. I went to 3 local Aldi stores here in Central Florida and none of them had it and no one at all 3 stores said they were expecting it. Ingredients are: modified wheat starch, water, wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber (chicory), vegetable fiber, wheat bran, soybean oil, yeast, vinegar, salt, and preservatives (calcium propionate, sorbic acid). When the store manager was pressed for an arrival date, he would not guarantee an arrival date. I buy it and send it to my friends that can’t get it in their Aldi stores. I’ve looked all over in northern Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia . it’s absolutely unreasonable that their “pat answer” is to “keep checking back”. Only caveat is that they ask no one purchases more than four loaves at a time. Bought two loaves but when I went back I was told they won’t have it until February 2020. I went back yesterday to buy more after trying it for the first time, they were sold out. To an extent, probably both of those things are important: you want something that is as close to regular bread as possible, and hopefully better than what some others have done. The Aldi’s in Daytona Beach Fl had this 3 weeks ago. which is very bad to be consumed by anybody, especially a diabetic. I bought this bread at our aldis in Jensen Beach Florida. Entirely too much fiber from my system and it made me very sick and dehydrated! amzn_assoc_linkid = "4a9a615b2002f5fca5f0580a1fd821fd"; As someone who has type II diabetes which I manage completely with a very low carb diet I would warn other diabetics against this bread. Which city/state is that Aldi that had the frozen loaves? Our Wheaton IL store was sold out, and our CS store had 23 loaves as of this morning, when I arrived there were 13 left. It may not raise blood sugar, but it will still trigger an insulin response which could be even worse since the insulin won’t have any sugar to deal with. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. when I Tweeted about it, ALDI USA responded by saying it will be back by early 2020, This may be a duplicate post….sorry if it is…. You probably wouldn’t expect this to be an exact duplicate of regular bread, and in our opinion it isn’t. Calorie breakdown: 32% fat, 51% carbs, 17% protein. I really can’t wait to try it. I live in Ashland ky. And my store keeps telling me it is definitely not coming back. Last week there was a notice in the bread section of the Rutland, VT Aldis that the no-carb bread has been delayed until June. It’s definitely a win. Employees should also read the Aldi Reviewer! I live in Seattle, WA and the Franz Bakery now makes Zero Net Carb bread. @Duke – food, in and of itself is not “keto”. 35. You seem to have put your focus on gluten-free foods, although there is only a very small portion of the population that has celiac disease and actually needs a gluten-free diet. Here is the no carb bread loaf made with chicken, so it may be lighter in color than yours before cooking. Don’t listen to in-store employees. I have 6 loaves frozen already. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "zero carb bread"; Calorie breakdown: 14% fat, 55% carbs, 31% protein. Check your insulin after eating this junk and then let me know how great it is for you……NOT. I bought three loaves but now the Aldi manager said the supplier could not keep up with the demand and Aldi’s will no longer stock it. Some people might debate whether this is truly a “keto” bread or not. And the next morning I had a half sandwich mid morning. Illinois stores did get more deliveries in October. THANK YOU, ALDI!!! People who bought it began reselling it on ebay for a significant profit. A lot of it depends on how each of us defines Keto. I assured them that my tweet was not bad at all….it was just asking when the Net Zero Carb bread would be back on the shelves. I order it off ebay and Amazon but it’s almost 13.00 a loaf that way.