He told me there’s no demand and I’m the first person to ask for them in 25 years. I’m mostly familiar with black currants from the French creme de cassis, used in making the drink kir , and in a fabulous blueberry pie recipe I make. I did add a bit of pink Himalayan salt, What a lovely way to use them with the pears. Thanks for featuring my Summer Pudding lollies, Summer Pudding is impossible without blackcurrants. Thanks for the idea! The black currant variety became the most popular variety because of its uniquely intense tart flavor and incredible health benefits. How much per lb. Secondly, eating the phytonutrients with other nutrients, including healthy fats, will increase their uptake. I’ve found the Kerrygold butter you recommended, and have De Cecco Pasta and Cranberry (Borlotti) Beans on my “to buy” list. * Vanilla ice creme with a splash of black currant concentrate. Thank you for this discussion. You're awesome for doing it! I prefer the Ben Alder, very sour and tasty raw. I wasn’t aware of the ban history in the U.S, only that black currants are virtually unheard of here. I do use a scale so I went with lbs. Your email address will not be published. I know about white and red currants, and the other suggestions, except for the blackcurrant rum! http://www.delicious.com.au/recipes/jamie-olivers-weekend-project-blackcurrant-meringue-pies/ca772a34-2063-4384-891a-4b2869a922de, Very interesting! :-D They are extremely astringent raw. I may have to go back. Must we eat everything in nature as is? Beautiful. Sounds weird? There’s also a lot of different stories about how this all came about, so as the official Currant website for all things “Currant” we’d like to set the record straight. Can you tell me where you get yours please. natural chemicals that both makes you sick and hinders the uptake of the healthy substances. I went to a “Pick Your Own” farm recently (Russell Orchards Farm & Winery in Ipswich, MA for anyone interested) and was able to pick to my heart’s desire! Regarding fruitcake: it’s dried (Zante) currants, not blackcurrants. My apologies! Subjecting fruit to temperatures above those of pasteurization destroys a proportion of their vitamins and phytonutrients. Hi Suzanne, I don’t think fresh blackcurrants would be good in cookies. Enjoy them! Dried black currants look a lot like Zante currants. Unfortunately, not the case (again) in SoCal! PS. I’ve only recently begun to realise that they are more of a British fruit and now, thanks to you, I know why that is. :). I’m with Greg and fighting to bring them back with a vengeance! Thought it might be worth a try but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel! Very true, but as you said, I think people who want them grow them, as they grow so well in the UK. My in laws grow them and make jam. They were too precious for me to bake with when I had them last! :( I need a reverse greenhouse to grow rhubarb and blackcurrants, haha! Calling raisins just “currants,” however, is improper and misleading. The jam looks fab, but what really got my attention was the amount of calcium, iron and vitamin C. I’m a new convert. So this past Summer we went to a plant nursery and bought several black and red currant bushes so we can finally have a source of both! It’s a specialty made and sold in Denmark (of all places) for more than a hundred years, but you can try to make your own version if you like: Blend black currants with dark rum and add some muscovado sugar. Zante currants have become part of the English vernacular and have come to be accepted to identify the Greek raisins. Should 2 lbs of sugar be 4 1/2 cups? I believe redcurrants and blackcurrants (ribes nero) are related. I wrote about black currants last year, and how they hold a powerhouse of vitamins, and have so many health benefits, there are too many […], […] 4 oz Zante currants (not blackcurrants) […]. They produced gobs of taste fruit. :(. The use of “currant” arose with the Greek variety, the Zante currant, with “currant” deriving from the city of Corinth where the variety was first cultivated. Helps to stay energized. we are in Cleveland and I’ve been hunting for a local source after visiting an amazing Cassis farm in Canada. In my opinion, currants are an aquired taste. The real story is that when the Greeks began to export the small dried grapes (raisins), from the Ionian Islands of Ζάκυνθος (Zakýnthos) and Κόρινθος (Kórinthos or Corinth), the Greek writing on the sides of the boxes of the first shipment was mistranslated from Zankynthos – Korinthos to Zante Currants. Hi Christiana, Thank you for the encouragement Christina I did try mixing about 10% black currant with 90% red Bartlett pears which are grown in the rogue Valley in Oregon where I live. it was amazing and I have never been able to replicate it. My Mum made the best blackcurrant jam, absolutely loaded with fruit, and I really miss it. I’ve never seen them dried or frozen but have bought commercially produced jam which is just too sweet. Thank you!! I had no idea you could find currents in the US. even from are pure health perspective, consuming prepared or cooked black currants is desirable for several reasons. Do Blackcurrants or Black Currants have anything to do with Zante currants? 50g Amaretti Biscuits Good thinking, Marina! 300g White Chocolate Isn’t it sad, Jill? Something is wrong with my spam filter the past few days! I have a black currant bush in my yard and hope to make jam from the berries it produces. That sounds amazing, Pauline! Let it seep for a fortnight or more, then strain. I did not see how to start a new comment, so I am replying to this one even though my comments are unrelated to this specific post. Go ahead and eat your black currants “as they are” (and good luck as they’re so sour), and I’ll eat mine in jam every now and then. Help spread the word. Now I can’t wait to taste the real black currents. Great post Christina. But I can see that other people have posted comments about it. WOW I had no idea. My late dad, here in the UK, used to grow blackcurrants in the garden. Ben Hope are much sweeter, some will prefer them, but not so tasty in my view. They are dried, dark red, seedless grapes often called the Black Corinth grape. The Greeks never actually called their raisins “currants.” Blackcurrants or currants are not Greek words. Cakes and muffins, yes, or dried blackcurrants in cookies, just not fresh (too sour). You are correct about the cooking of fruit, and let’s not get into the addition of sugar, however, in my opinion, your perspective is a bit skewed. Gosh how sad that the US has been missing out on blackcurrants for so long and then the added layer of confusion over the name. What a treat! The currants mentioned here are the dark, black currants popular in cakes.