Resealable gas-flushed deli cups lock in freshness. The beautiful rind on the Montchevre® Bucheron® Cheese makes it the perfect centerpiece for your cheese board. was the first very first cheese produced by the cheesemakers back in 1988 and has since received many awards. Montchevre® Cheese Medallions are made with our prime quality goat milk, collected from independent family farms. Single-serving, individual 1 oz fresh goat cheese, Montchevre® Cheese Medallions are a convenient alternative to a multiple-portion log. Montchevre® Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese is hand-crafted with full respect for the most traditional cheddar manufacturing process. The light tang of the goat cheese blends beautifully with the blue and makes for a rich and complex bite. Montchevre® Goat Milk Feta Cheese puts an innovative twist on traditional Greek cheese. I've always liked goat cheese, but there are times when I really want some mundane types like cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan cheeses, especially for some fundamental foods like mexican, pizza, etc. The Coeur de Chèvre™ 4 oz logs and 10 oz logs come in Traditional and Garlic & Herb, both of which are deliciously creamy and rich in flavor. This fresh goat cheeses is folded with high-quality ingredients to ensure rich, smooth texture and delicious flavors. Montchevre® cheese is proud to offer you Coeur de Chèvre™, a high quality Organic* Goat Cheese Line. BUCHERON® CHEESE | CABRIE | CHEDDAR | CHÈVRE IN BLUE® CHEESE | FETA. The Coeur de Chèvre™ Chèvre Fleurie is a soft-ripened goat cheese with a bloomy ivory rind that brings out a wonderful, earthy flavor. The Montchevre® Cabrie cheese is the perfect cheese to serve as part of your cheese board or appetizer and pairs deliciously with your favorite Pinot Noir. Our convenient packaging makes it easy to enjoy a small serving of fresh and creamy cheese for lunch away from home, on a picnic; anytime, anywhere. Sold separately or in 5-pack bags. This cheese usually matures for 5-10 weeks, giving it a dense center and gooey cream line rich in flavor with discreet, earthy undertones that blend perfectly with the delicate flavors of Montchevre® cheeses high quality, fresh goat’s milk. squares; perfect for dicing or serving on a cheese board, or in a crumble cup; ready to sprinkle on top of your favorite Greek salad, pita, vegetable medley, or lamb burger! The light tang of the goat cheese blends beautifully with the blue and makes for a rich and complex bite. Throughout this process, the blue and grey veins of the cheese mature and envelop the cheese. Made from our prime quality goat milk, Montchevre® Crumbled Goat Cheese has a beautiful tang and freshness that makes it ideal for either sprinkling on top of salads, pasta dishes, sandwiches and paninis or to use as a pizza topping. This rindless cheese is made from prime quality goat milk and aged over 90 days, allowing the flavor of the goat milk to mature and blend in with the blue. The cheese will develop stronger, earthy accents and become softer and creamier as it slowly ages from the outside-in. Kids love the clean, mild flavor of this low-fat, low-calorie treat. Buy some for your bagged lunches today! Crumble our blue on a salad or into a salad dressing, or simply enjoy on your cheese board with some crunchy rustic bread, fig spread and nuts. © 2020 Saputo Cheese USA Inc. All rights reserved. Enjoy Montchevre® Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese on a picnic, in a bagged lunch, on a cheese board or in any of your favorite recipes that call for cheddar! Our company is constantly looking for new ways to innovate Montchevre® fresh goat cheese line by blending this traditionally French cheese with bright flavors that appeal to the American palate.