They don't need to be refrigerated. For a family of four, you could get away with a 3-pound bag of onions per week to satisfy that goal. That’s good for at least three to four meals during the week. caliloo December 16, 2013. But if you stocked up or got extra from a food bank during the COVID-19 pandemic, you now need a way to incorporate them into your meals. However, I once read on a blog that. Today, Americans consume about 20 pounds of onions per capita per year. Another major side effect of eating too many onions is their ability to interfere with blood-thinning drugs. Peel, quarter, toss w/ olve oil, add seasoned salt, lots of pepper, and bake for about an hour at about 350F. Get started today with our recipes. I saw them make. Even if they start to sprout, they’re still good. Certainly worth trying if you make up a batch of caramelized onions as people've suggested. Cut each onion out from the bottom as you need it. Repeat, repeat, repeat, but leave enough at the top to tie the leg of pantyhose to whatever you're hanging it on. Looks fancy, takes 10 mins to prepare. They just need to live somewhere cool, dark, and dry. Make an Onion Soup out of them. Seconding mujadarra - incredibly tasty comfort food. Drop an onion in, force it to the bottom, tie a knot (or two) in the panty hose. There used to be a vegetarian blog called The Hungry Tiger, which has sadly gone offline, but she had a great recipe for slowly roasted sliced onion. The good thing about onions is they have natural defenses and resilience. Make onion paste. Do you like caramelized onions? Onions especially green onions contain a high level of Vitamin K in them. Store both well covered in a cool, dry place. I have some freezer space but I'm wondering what the texture is like, either frozen raw or cooked. Keep them in a cool dry place and they’ll be good for a few weeks. Filed Under: Cooking Tips, News Tagged With: #onionsintheraw, caramelized onions, cooking with onions, freezing onions, onions, onions and nutrition, onions health, Pickled Onions, Raw Onions, What To Do With Too Many Onions, Home | All About Onions | Recipes | Advocacy | Tips, Myths & FAQs | Chefs & Educators | News | About NOA | Contact Us, National Onion Association Take a couple and pickle them to add to other foods, such as tacos, burgers and salads. You get the best crispy onion bits, which can be used in salads, soups, whatever, and this gorgeous tasting onion oil, to be used in dressing or whatever comes to your mind. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with them. With minced onion, just putting it in a strainer and rinsing it under the tap often helps. Even if they would all fit in my extra fridge, there are too many of them with blemishes or other problems and they won't keep long enough. I've never made it but there are loads of recipes out there. And, you CAN freeze them for up to six months. 218 Oak Avenue The trick is also that they have to be free - they can't be touching walls or other onions or other items in the closet/basement/where ever you put them. Some of the middle ones would go soggy or off occasionally (I suspect this is where the tights have an advantage over a string bag), but they keep for ages and ages. Kitchen Idiots, lend me your unfuckupable recipes. Man, I love onions, but I have no idea what you would do with this many. Yeah, 5 hours. They store for longer than many vegetables. Eaton, CO 80615. You can include them in so many dishes, you’d be surprised. Thank you, trip and a half, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking about! As an example, you could dice up one onion to keep in the fridge to add to salads, omelets, or beans throughout the week. Call friends and give them away? French onion soup. Put Mr. Cow's onion stuff in the middle, crumble on goats cheese, glaze pastry edges, bake. Medieval Maven's right about the storage - my dad's onions just went in string bags in the shed. You need a cool, dark place, and several pairs of pantyhose. They keep quite a while -- at least a month -- in a cool, dark place, using one or two per day. We use cookies to improve your experience. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Water can play a part too. They cook down a lot--I made some last week and have been putting them on omelettes, pizza, toast, etc. All rights reserved. I remember that it was basic but sounded a tad crazy: he'd recommended slicing literally all 4 kilos of your onions (or as many as you aren't using right away, he used 5 pounds) and sauteing them on extremely low heat in extra virgin olive oil for about 5 hours.