Located off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, dive into this 2,300 km long of unreal beauty and swim with countless of aquatic species in their natural home which is also the largest living thing on Earth! Taking into consideration the culture, cuisine, value for money and, of course, the sight, we’re featuring destinations from national parks to cityscapes brimming with cultural sights. To conclude our top 10 tourist destinations in the world, Paris probably bags the best one yet. From surfboard to yoga mat, the activities here are endless. Siem Reap, Cambodia. Today, the city serves as one of the top tourist destinations in the world and is regarded as the cultural and historical center of Turkey. No. : (02) 408-9734, Would you ever find yourself in Peru, you ought to take the opportunity to witness the most famous archeological site on the continent. . As the gateway to the ruins of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap attracts tourists from around the world and has recently become one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. Located at the Indian Ocean, the contrasting turquoise water and the pearly sand is a heaven on earth for those looking to stay in an overwater bungalow. The capital of France, this city is known for art, history and culture—truly, the pinnacle of tourism. Learn about the history of Tahiti in interesting museums, celebrate their culture in the annual Heiva festival in July, indulge yourself with the exotic cuisine the locals have to offer and learn a language at heart in this paradise. Like the Mona Lisa or the pyramids, the Incan citadel is a sight to behold especially one that will take your breath away when face to face with its greatness: an ancient city that was never touched by the conquering Spaniards and was practically forgotten until the early 20th century. It’s 2019 and as the saying goes, the world is your oyster. Fair warning ahead, a getaway here does not come cheap but it’s all worth it for spending time in one of the best vacation spots in the world, be it dining in at a underwater restaurant or getting pampered at a underwater spa. Central America is a great travel overall! This place is probably the quintessential luxury for people who are eager to unwind and indulge themselves. Throughout the years, backpacking has become quite a popular way of traveling as you get to immerse yourself into the local lifestyle while cutting down traveling costs. But if you just can’t get enough of the water, you can sail on the turquoise Coral Sea. 3. To find out more, please click this link. Experience all these while you stay at some of the world’s best luxury hotels. Fil-Am and his dog surf their way to Amazon Prime reality show, Immigrating to the U.S.: Current problems and solutions, Delayed Tokyo Olympics to cost additional $1.9 billion, Shanghai marathon defies coronavirus with 9,000 runners, Hamilton puts in record lap to take Bahrain pole, Singaporean gives birth to baby with COVID-19 antibodies — report, Tyson comeback fight at 54 ends with draw against Jones, Fil-Am+ elected new mayor of San Diego, California, New Jersey town honors ailing, recently retired Fil-Am police officer, Maui’s Fil-Am prosecuting attorney fired for allegedly abusive work style, Biden plans move into White House as Trump clings to hope, One in five COVID patients develop mental illness within 90 days–study, Nearly 80% in U.S, say Biden won, nixing Trump’s refusal to concede — Reuters/Ipsos poll, Young Fil-Am leaders launch online caretaker project. With just the sunset in Santorini, the realization why this Greek destination is one of the best vacation spots in the world will immediately strike you. It’s a place to fall in love to which will make you keep on coming back as much as you can! If you’re not much of a traveler but are more on wanting just an escape from your daily routine, we’re also dishing out what we think are the best vacation spots in the world- so ready your suitcase and sunglasses because you’ll definitely want to go to these places. Just know that this tourist destination is a must! Fill yourself up with not only delicious food (the home of good pizza, pasta and gelato), velvety coffee and exquisite wine but also with the rich art and history of this city. Jagged volcanic peaks rising above blue lagoons, powder soft beaches with lush palm trees, and other stunning natural wonders like waterfalls – the tranquil shores of this island country is more than just a pretty place. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.