:/. Patience always wins in the end. That you would make people happy, and you can have people who haven't played the original (like me) check it out for the first time, which means even more sales? SMB2 has an amazing Community Mod Pack, which I consider to be the Super Monkey Ball 3 we never had, or 2.5, since the story is the same. I prefer a new title but I cant say i'm into the remaking SMB1&2, the games don't really seem to have issues that warrant remaking. https://twitter.com/SMB_JP/status/1185022554668335104. I'm rather surprised to see the response of some in the comments, people who I thought had the wisdom to see beyond the spin being put on this statement. The Wii U got only two HD ports from GC - Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Yeah we don’t need to do that anymore besides why do these devs choose to do the worst game of the series and then think they are going to sell millions I’m looking at you Sega Capcom Konami the switch is very popular we don’t need to be held to ransom they only need to read the comments on here to understand what people want. Well worth the money in my opinion. Sounds like I just need to get it. During a recent interview with Crunchyroll, the Sega producer and director of the game – Masao Shirosaki – said he was "aware" of the demand for the first two games in series. @Kalmaro You meant Wouldn't blame, right? What a load of smeg! I don't really care about the series that much anyway so whatever but I'm sure all your fans are gonna love that Sega. I just want either ports of the first two games or something inspired by or as good as those games. Did you buy Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD when it arrived on the Switch in October? It was on my wishlist for a sale but I removed it now. Or you could remake the good ones that you’re ‘aware’ are the ‘most favoured’. Jam-packed with more than 150 stages, a new story mode and 12 addictive party-games, Super Monkey Ball 2 delivers the ultimate in addictive multiplayer action. I loathe this kind of statement, but I already bought Banana Blitz anyway. There is no way they can do the master level, complete with one credit challenge these days without everyone moaning they 'paid for the game and demand to be able to play all the levels' yada yada. Just keep it as a skill based time attack arcade game and we are cooking. I cannot wait omg. But for now, I’d be happy if everyone has fun playing Banana Blitz HD. Just remaster the Deluxe port, idk why people just want 1&2 when the deluxe version is the both of those plus more. Id SEGA want to make some money and make some good games and act like an actual company they should do exactly that. I hope they release a sequel that has multiplayer. Update: Latest Sega livestream adds weight to the rumour. Even if it's just a HD Remake of the original 2 or Super Monkey Ball Deluxe I'll take it. Wouldn't they make more money and be a better indicator of series demand? News Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Gets A Weird New Update, But It's Not Available On Switch, Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. GameCube ones didn't have online play and were no good to really play on your own. Sega's Sonic Double Packs Are Out Now On Nintendo Switch, Super Monkey Ball Announcement Coming Later This Month, Another Sega Double Pack For Nintendo Switch Has Been Spotted Online. is on my wish list, but I haven’t seen it on sale. I loved working on it and I would love to work on a remake of the originals or a brand new sequel if Sega gives me a chance." Hosted by 44 Bytes. Here's hoping... Just update super monkey ball 1 with HD , remember when I got my GameCube in 2001 and this was one of the first 3 games that came out that I bought, the main game was great, fighting, racing , golf and mainly target - don’t change anything just upgrade the graphics. I guess sales and money talk more than actually giving fans what they want. I believe the reason the original Wii could play GC games was because it had physical HW dedicated for the GC. If people really want the game that bad, shouldn't that mean the game could sell decently? But sadly nowadays, if people don't buy the game, the studio thinks people just aren't interested anymore, no matter the quality of the title. News Is The Original Super Monkey Ball Announcer Teasing A New Game? The best monkey-in-a-ball game since Super Monkey Ball 2, sure, but not quite a return to the series heyday. Those games are different and their sales don't have anything to do with how well this worse game does. If there is no GC emulator for them to use, then they may have to recode the games 100%. Well, I guess that’s it for the Monkey Ball series huh. @Damo Screw off. That said, Logically, Sega really should have started with the original as an HD port and followed with SMB 2! So I just saw those videos and wow, I'm hyped! I'll probably pick it up when it drops down to around $20 or less. Because of this I'm not even going to bother going to the theater to watch your crappy live action Sonic movie. @Paraka Playing Monkey Ball with streaming lag would be even worse than their implementation of laggy motion controls in the Wii game. If they released 1 and 2 as a package or even digitally I'd buy them in a second...as it is, I supported this release and will gift it to my friend's son because Monkey Ball. If the game isn't good, nobody's going to buy it, and studios should know that. I bought Banana Blitz for the sole purpose of communicating to Sega that I want more Super Monkey Ball. Nah, we're not doing that any more. Marble It Up! Though the game producer's statement may come off as greedy, I think he just meant that they put a lot of resources into remaking Banana Blitz and it would help the future of SMB if people bought the Banana Blitz remake. Well they did have this poll during 2019. I don't think it's going to be a collection, more a compilation of new levels and old. The two names at the very end, though, were perhaps the most interesting - Masao Shirosaki (who oversaw development on Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD) and Toshihiro Nagoshi (the Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball creator) - could they perhaps be in charge of this new project, if it is the real deal? It Looks Like Kadabra Can Finally Return To The Pokémon ... Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2020 Best Deals - Console Bu... Square Enix Announces SaGa Frontier Remastered, Launches ... Pokémon Sword And Shield's Gloria Has Finally Been Given... Video: Immortals Fenyx Rising - Switch VS PlayStation 5 G... Nintendo's Huge Cyber Deals Sale Is Now Live, Up To 75% O... How Well Do You Know Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? And finally cost. https://twitter.com/SMB_JP/status/1177039414356168704, https://twitter.com/SMB_JP/status/1185022554668335104. The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will launch on October 31 in Japan (the PC version is still to be dated). 1&2 remaster sounds right! If the game does well, here’s my intentions. A more recent follow-up video interview with Robinson seems to suggest the recording was indeed for a new Monkey Ball. A brand new game though... @60frames-please I bought blitz to show my support for more Monkey Ball. Nowhere does he say “Let me tell you how you can”. The day after this interview, the voice actor shared "one last breadcrumb" via Instagram. I just want to note that I've hardly played Blitz on my Switch because of the infuriating boss battles. Or I could just keep playing the original versions of the first two games instead of wasting money on this one because of a false promise. This is exciting. This is irresponsible journalism which has been deceptively worded to rile people up and attract more views. They do realize the Switch has a huge player base now right? The way SEGA is handling this reeks of incompetence. Review: Ghostrunner - A Thrilling Cyberpunk Epic Dulled B... Join 1,067,155 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. If you enjoy this game then also play games Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64. Super Monkey Ball 2 is a platform party video game developed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega in 2002 for the GameCube. Robinson has done a little extra detective work and believes when Brian shows the top half of Sega script, the three katakana characters on display sound like "retro" - leading to a theory that the title might be called Super Monkey Ball Retro. Rumour: The Mando And Baby Yoda Might Be Joining Fortnite's Fifth Season, Review: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD - Improved Controls Ruined By Some Odd Design Choices, News Sega's Sonic Double Packs Are Out Now On Nintendo Switch, Rumour Super Monkey Ball Announcement Coming Later This Month, News Another Sega Double Pack For Nintendo Switch Has Been Spotted Online, News Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Gets A Weird New Update, But It's Not Available On Switch, News Buy Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD And Sega Might Remake The Original Games, Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. Each player played as a different monkey, and tried to see how far they could get. Even if SEGA decides not to remake the original games, the modders will show up sooner or later. just re-release deluxe in HD and call it a day, Maybe they will rerelease DX, and with the actual proper songs playing (i.e. This is probably how video games will be announced in a post-corona world. Nah, I'll stick to emulating the old ones. He says I KNOW THE FIRST TWO GAMES ARE LIKED MORE, now let me tell you how maybe you can get those.