Yes. Kenji stressed the importance of using raw sausage and the flavor it would bring to … I always precook my pepperoni and salami. My opinion: Yes, you should par cook your sausage if you are making a flat pizza that will cook in 10 minutes or less. Pepperoni Pizza. Previously, anytime I made pizza with sausage on top, I would pre-cook the sausage. When your pizza comes out of the oven, hot and ready to eat, you’ll enjoy the rich, earthy mushroom flavor even more. I personally prefer the crispy taste of pepperoni on pizza. Yeah, you need to precook bacon if you want to serve it on a pizza. Wilson used to be part of Doskocil, which was/is a major supplier to the majors like Papa John's, whose pepperoni also does not release as much fat as other brands. Cooked on pizza stone covered with parchment paper (easy clean-up). i bought a CD off the internet from a lady that used to be a lead researcher for a national chain and now i have been told recently that my pizza was possibly the best this person had ever had. Or make things even easier and make a raw sauce: The BA test kitchen likes puréeing tomatoes, garlic, basil, and anchovy in a blender before spreading on pizza. as it turns out superior pizza is in the dough, not the sauce. We like to eat out one night a week, usually on the weekends. It was a special day where I learned the secret to perfecting sausage pizza. I prefer to use a skillet, single layer and cook until they begin to get crispy. No more. Then they will be fine to go on top of the pizza without wetting the base. I’m sure I’ll still make pizza with my “other” mushroom ways from time to time, but I’m a fan of sauteed mushrooms now, and we’ll be enjoying our pizzas this way, too. Pizza should be cooked fast, to keep the crust tender and light. Get Your Oven To The Hottest Temperature. Why so many recipes recommend putting the oven temperature low I do not understand. A pizza isn’t going to be in the oven long enough to make raw bacon crispy and delicious. A few weeks back, I had the privilege of making pizza with James Beard nominee Kenji Lopez-Alt and Joe Gatto of From Scratch fame. 350 degrees oven for 18 minutes. If you put some of the pepperoni under the cheese, then it stays soft. The Wilson brand of pepperoni is also a good choice because it does not release a lot of fat during the baking of the pizza. Last week we ordered a pizza and had it delivered. It cost about $20 total, and I ended up being a little mad at myself because making homemade pizza is so much cheaper, and I always have the ingredients I need. I find it tastes much better that way, and I never have to deal with any of the grease. i had used several recipes off the internet for pizza dough and it was never quite right. You should saute these before topping on the pizza to suck out the water. by . If you are making a Chicago-style pizza that will be in the oven for 20 minutes or more, you can put it on raw if it is on top of the pie and if it is broken into small pieces. Pizza Junky on Apr 25, 2020: I start with a frozen Jacks Supreme and add large pepperonis, onion slices, one small can of sliced black olives, anchovies and finally top with half a bag of mozzeralla cheese.