Dickey Betts used this kind of lick a lot and so did Duane Allman. Slide Guitar Licks 1. Ex. by Steve Flack Slide Guitar Licks in Standard Tuning Root 5 E Mixolydian with b3 7 9 6 7 9 Please click the button below to refresh this page to see the new sales! The first slide lick comes at the end of the form, in the turnaround section of the blues. 4 is all about getting the most out of the melody by just using one string. A common practice when soloing with a slide is to take a melodic phrase or idea and then transpose it to accommodate each of the chords in the progression. Be sure to raise the action a bit when playing slide guitar to get a clean sound without fretting out. Playing advice and breakdown for every lick, from fingering to musical application. 100 slide guitar licks closely mimicking the language of the 20 most important slide guitar players. Perfectly notated examples with tab, and studio-quality audio to download for free. Open tunings have been exploited for use with slide guitar since the earliest days of Delta blues. It starts out with a Duane ... Slide Guitar Licks 2. Learn foundational beginner blues slide guitar licks. This concept of treating the lick as a “theme” that’s repeated in different keys is one that musicians often use to establish a compositional quality in their solos. There are, of course, others that are utilized, with many distinctive variations, depending on the musician and style of music. In this free guitar lesson, I’m going to show you how to play slide guitar licks in Open E Tuning. Improve your skills - "30 Essential Slide Guitar Licks" - Check out this online course - 30 of the Hottest, Slide Guitar Licks That You Can Use Today and the Techniques Needed to Make Them Come to Life Its also the most effective way to emulate the human voice on the instrument offering an extensive range of tones and sounds that are otherwise unobtainable. Once again this lesson is in open E Tuning. 20 Slide Guitar Licks. Tuning from low to high is EBEG#BE. Hi Im Andy Aledort and welcome to 30 Beginner Slide Blues Licks You Must Know. Listen to mp3 12 Easy Slide Licks in Open-G Enjoy! To widen possibilities, we will also learn to fret behind the slide. 43 Lectures/Videos with Corresponding PDF Attachments. In fact you will hear this lick in all types of old blues as well. Slide guitar can also (at the beginning) be quite tricky. The slide guitar is one of the most expressive technique to spice up your guitar chops. This is mostly because there are certain basic things you have to do differently to when playing guitar normally, and if you don’t do these things right, it’s just not going to work. The most commonly used open tunings for slide are E, D, G and A. This edition of In Deep will focus on open G tuning and how it is used in blues slide-guitar playing. Here’s a list of the five main essentials of slide guitar technique. You can be a complete newbie at slide and still come away with playing these 30 slide licks but if you already know how to play slide guitar then you will be making these licks your own by modifying them and having them ready at your disposal whenever you need them. Slide Guitar Licks with Derek Trucks. In this course, after a few advices we gonna go through 20 Blues Rock licks in standard tuning. 2+ Hours of Video All the licks are played with the backing track and then slowed down . Slide Guitar Licks … From Muddy Waters to Robert Johnson and Derek Trucks, this slide guitar lick is a must know if you want to improve your slide guitar prowess in open e tuning. Slide guitar is an essential part of the Blues, I had to start with it. Here are 12 easy Slide Licks for Open-G tuning for you. Fret the first half with … Try to play some well know Blues licks to learn this tuning. The sound of slide guitar is integral to blues music.