Recently it was puff pastry. What should people know about that? I do remember that I didn’t understand that the butter had to be soft, and we didn’t own a mixer, so it was really hard to cream. Her words touched me on a deep level. Cooking videos are only about 5 minutes long. ), Three national-caliber chefs will be on hand: “Cake Master”, Discounted tickets ($7.50 off general admission) are available for JS Insiders, current Journal Sentinel subscribers who have activated their accounts online. That was 18 years ago! The company was looking for someone to help on the TV show and I was excited to try something new. Sarah's Posts recipe . Today, she’s in charge of all food and entertainment content for Martha Stewart Living. Look for her daily digital series of cooking videos, “Everyday Food with Sarah Carey,” on YouTube. What is the best investment to be a good cook? She had her share of bad '70s health food--think soy loaf--but she was also exposed to a variety of foods at an early age. But I do go through phases where I’ll make the same thing over and over again. Q. I don’t have a favorite recipe, but I do make a lot of fried rice. A. Copyright 2005, Gale Group. I mean, I am constantly learning new things about cooking. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company. Carey says she owes much of her style to her unusual upbringing. Movies. Pretty soon I started cooking there after school and on weekends. (Log in at I baked a lot as a child, pretty sure that’s how many people start off. A. I make dinner almost every morning for my kids to eat at night. A. MFK Fisher's writing was one of the reasons I decided to switch from photography to food. For webmasters. Bringing her expertise and approachable style to Milwaukee, Carey will demonstrate recipes at the Journal Sentinel Food & Wine Experience Nov. 5. Q. What’s one food you’ve learned to love? We ate dinner together as a group most nights and each night someone different would be in charge of cooking; that way I was exposed to many different styles of cooking at an early age. A. I was working for a cookbook author, Barbara Kafka, as her recipe tester on a book project. Q. Find her latest meals on Instagram @sarahcarey1. The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine), (Log in at, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Sarah also co-authored the best-selling book Martha Stewart's Cooking School which hit bookstores in October 2008. A. I love a spider. What is your official title and what does that role encompass? During a recent email interview, Carey shared her background, inspiration and what she’s most looking forward to eating during her visit. A. I guess it would be chocolate chip cookies. Copyright © 2020 Farlex, Inc. | The butter kept flying around the bowl. Holiday Divinity . Carey has a degree in History from Trinity College, Dublin, and a post-graduate diploma in Business Studies from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in University College, Dublin (U.C.D.). What is one recipe you still have yet to master? My series focuses on simple recipes for everyday cooking. Q. Terms of use | Also, maybe even more importantly, a great knife. All rights reserved. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Food & Wine? Martha Stewart Living. Lots and lots of cookbooks. What three things are always in your pantry? After studying photography and realizing it wasn’t quite the right fit, Sarah Carey headed to culinary school. Have you visited Milwaukee before? Chocolate Spice Cookies . A. Q. Plus, once you’ve mastered it, you are the hero at any dinner party. Carey and her four costars together are the new face of the Martha Stewart brand, teaching viewers how to make delicious, nutritious meals in under an hour. I became obsessed. I oversee all the food content for Martha Stewart Living. Q. I’m pretty sure it never got fully incorporated. It’s a Blue Star by Garland. Carey has also worked in the technology industry including Cape Clear and search engine Cuil A. I love my stove. She has performed freelance PR/marketing work for a number of companies and the political party Fine Gael. Q. Vanilla-Bean Sugar Cookies . Sandell, Lisa Ann. I take a relaxed but informative approach to cooking, as I don’t want anyone to be intimidated. Unofficial Fan page of Sarah Carey of Everyday Food. She was raised on a commune in Woodstock, N.Y., where a different adult cooked every night. A. I haven’t chosen my exact recipes yet, but probably some simple Thanksgiving sides and a pie! Discounted tickets ($7.50 off general admission) are available for JS Insiders, current Journal Sentinel subscribers who have activated their accounts online. She attended the Culinary Institute of Hyde Park and started working with recipe writers. recipe . Tickets to the Grand Tasting and Critic’s Choice also will be available at the door. A former assistant of hers was working for Martha, so Barbara put me in touch with her. Hazelnut Tri-Color Cookies . A. Wow. My wife’s family is from Milwaukee, so I have spent some time there. When that project came to an end, she kindly suggested I look for a new job, one with room for growth. Home theater: it's hot out there, so watch something nice and cool on something nice and shiny in your new home theater. Both feature quick and easy recipes targeted at supermarket shoppers and the everyday cook. A. I love to teach people how to make pie. And a steel and stone to keep it sharp. Tropical Fruit Biscotti . The Journal Sentinel Food & Wine Experience Featuring Martha Stewart Culinary Experts will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 4 and noon to 4 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave. Three national-caliber chefs will be on hand: “Cake Master” Duff Goldman, Martha Stewart culinary expert Sarah Carey and “MasterChef” champion Shaun O’Neale. Posting delicious recipes from the Everyday Food youtube chanel. TV Shows. My first real job EVER was in food. Fans of the PBS series “Everyday Food” will recognize the charmingly straightforward redhead for her time on camera demonstrating deliciously simple recipes.