The new Seahawks helmet has a largely similar design, but features an updated Seahawks logo and a feather-textured stripe down the center. Photo: Seahawks image Image 40 of 64 6 / 7. Detroit Lions Riddell. That's because, for the second year in a row, the team decided to have the players "earn their stripes" by making the final roster cut. Like many of the other original AFL franchises, the Raiders have a new 60th-season logo. Unlike those other teams, however, the Raiders are wearing their logo as a jersey patch. In fact, many players in recent years haven't even worn full-length socks, opting instead for some combination of tights, leggings, calf sleeves, white crew socks, and white tape, often in a half-hearted attempt to mimic a white-bottomed look that sorta-kinda complied with the guidelines. Want to learn about his Uni Watch Membership Program check out his Uni Watch merchandise, or just ask him a question? When Nike took over the NFL's uniform contract in 2012, a handful of teams—the Packers, Panthers, and Falcons—opted to have Nike reproduce the tailoring and fabric template they'd already been wearing. Ravens are black in real life, after all. The Atlanta Falcons … There's a good discussion of that issue here. Give a look: With NFL training camps coming up, the league believes it is closer to one answer when it comes to player safety amid the coronavirus pandemic: face shields for helmets. The Seahawks and the Eagles will meet for Monday Night Football at Lincoln Financial Field for the 18th matchup during the regular season. Too bad. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. #Bucs helmet concept! And not a moment too soon. Nov 10, 2018 - With NFL uniforms being so mundane to some of the uniforms we see in college football and other sports, it’s always interesting to see a spin on the classic design. VICIS, a helmet manufacturing upstart that NFL teams are contracting for their new headgear, has designed a revolutionary new helmet, the ZERO1, that … 7 / 7. — will protect players during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, statues of Walter Payton and George Halas, memorial sleeve initials for William Clay Ford, wearing the Seahawks' neon-green Color Rush uniforms, Browns GM John Dorsey's signature gray sweater, retiring Steve McNair's No. Sep 11, 2014 - Seahawks helmet machine embroidery design from American football logotypes embroidery collection. You can see the team's 2019 game-by-game uniform schedule (something all teams should publish but very few do) here. A post shared by Ted Hyman (@tedhymanimages) on Feb 1, 2020 at 8:58am PST. Given the way NFL jerseys tend to pucker and wrinkle in this area, most fans probably won't even notice the change (additional info here): Also: As usual, the Texans will wear solid-white for their home opener, which this year will be on Sept. 15 against the Jags. The problem with the current helmets? The company is calling these amazing new helmets the “Blaze Collection” — and we think you’ll agree that they definitely live up to the hype. Although it's based on the team's Lamar Hunt perma-memorial patch and could easily replace that patch for this season, the plan for now is for it to be used only for marketing and communications purposes, not as an addition to the uniform (additional info here): The best news of the year comes out of L.A., where the Chargers' powder blue alternate uni—pretty much everyone's favorite NFL look—has been re-designated as the team's primary colored uniform. Unfortunately, none of that will be changing this season, but let's hope there's something more positive to report next season. Finally, in what might be the first lectern-related news item in Uni Watch history, the Titans also have a new logo-emblazoned press conference podium: Broncos owner Pat Bowlen died over the summer, so the team is honoring him with a "Mr. B" memorial helmet decal. 3 / 7. They didn't wear it during the preseason but will add it now that the regular season is starting (additional info here): Meanwhile, unless you've been hiding under a very large rock, you probably know that Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has been engaged in some major soap operatics regarding his helmet. The evolution of the Seahawks helmet features a bigger, bolder Seahawks logo, a switch from Pacific Blue to a deeper, richer Navy. Meanwhile, here's something to keep an eye on: Kraft Heinz is not expected to renew its naming rights deal on Heinz field when it expires after the 2021 season, so the stadium may be getting a new name in 2022. Practice photos from the Seahawks' Wednesday workout at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in preparation for Week 12 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. This is one of four perma-memorials that can be found on NFL uniforms. The logos are apparently way too small. 5 / 7. According to the Seahawks official website, the colors were changed to “Seahawks blue, Seahawks navy and Seahawks green.” And, for the first time in franchise history, the helmet … Here's what to look for: • The Panthers were among the last two teams that had stuck with the old Reebok-style tailoring and fabric even after Nike took over the league's uniform contract in 2012 (the other is Green Bay), but now they've finally upgraded to Nike's latest template and fabrication. The new helmet features a first-of-its-kind combo of matte and gloss finishes. The ZERO1 football helmet made the … Practice photos from the Seahawks' Tuesday workout at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in preparation for Week 12 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. While you're waiting for that scenario to play out, here's a very entertaining (but paywalled) article about Browns GM John Dorsey's signature gray sweater. A bigger, bolder Seahawks logo is a central part of the new helmet. • And in one final touch to mark a century of Bears football, the team is set to unveil new statues of Walter Payton and George Halas outside Soldier Field. No plans for it to appear as a jersey patch or helmet decal, however. After years of fruitlessly trying to enforce the rule, the NFL has finally changed it. If you know of any NFL uni updates that weren't covered here, you know what to do. The decal wasn't worn during the preseason but will be added now that the regular season is starting. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is trying the ZERO1 football helmet. 27 as part of the festivities as this year's home opener on Sept. 15. Paul Lukas, a lifelong 49ers fan, is hoping for a better season than last year. Rod Mar. The company is calling these amazing new helmets the “Blaze Collection” — and we think you’ll agree that they definitely live up to the hype. (Blame the one-shell rule, and maybe just a lack of imagination.) You can be assured that the numbers will be added now that the regular season is starting: Speaking of helmet graphics, the Steelers have added a "DD" memorial decal for receivers coach Darryl Drake, who died last month (additional info here): In addition, the Steelers will once again wear their Color Rush and 1970s throwback uniforms this season. View this post on Instagram. The other two are the Browns and Bucs, who both have complicated jersey designs that might be hard to replicate in one of the newer templates. Unfortunately, this will not trigger a flood of throwback uniforms like the ones the league rolled out for its 75th anniversary in 1994. But it's worth noting that they'll continue to wear their memorial sleeve initials for William Clay Ford—the sixth consecutive season they've uni-memorialized him in some manner (the initials were originally worn on a chest patch before moving to the sleeve). No photo, but the Packers are adding a memorial helmet decal for Bart Starr, who died earlier this year. One thing at a time: • The Bears are the only team not wearing the NFL 100 logo on their collars this season (although they are wearing it on the back of their helmets, like every other team).