The details to be provided for train are train no., train name, boarding point, destination point, no. Draw E-R diagram for online Ticket Railway Reservation System. A Entity Relationship Diagram showing New ER diagram of Railway reservation System. The railway database system project will help in storing the information regarding the tracks, the train name, train id, train schedules, stations, the information about the source and the destination of the train etc. It is assumed you are already at least a little familiar with all these technologies, and the real purpose here is just to link them all together to accomplish a common task. Train and Reservation details: In this railway reservation system project in C++, users can get both the train details and the train reservation details. This article will provide a brief tutorial in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to build a simple reservation system. 3.1.Business process design The following business process is made after a detailed analysis of business functions about railway online booking system. ->PrimaryKey TrainTable -> PrimaryKey ->FK StationTable() ->FK StationTable() StationTable(Contails all the stations to which i can provide the railway service.) 1. enter source and destination codes or source and destination corresponding trains are displaying or not. Online railway reservation system 1. of seats in second class and fare per ticket and date of travel. I am having below tables. The track is one of the factors that strike to our mind when we speak about railways. test case for For Railway Reservation System: Raju Prasad: 12/5/11 9:24 AM: hi testers plz correct me if wrong. of seats in first class and fare per ticket, no. Customers search train information through the system and see … scenario 1:train search. It is intentionally over-simplified, because it is aimed at beginners. Database and Web Database System PT1081156 - Individual Assignment Page 1 APIIT SD INDIA CE00318-2 (DWDS) Database and Web Database Systems INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT ONLINE RAILWAY RESERVATION SYSTEM Submitted By: - Module Lecturer:- Piyush Kumar Sulekh Sharma PT1081156 2. Related Searches to Write 3 test cases on railway reservation system ? Database design mainly realizes data tables and the relationship between data tables. You can edit this Entity Relationship Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. Customers register personal information, so they can order tickets in the system. test case for For Railway Reservation System Showing 1-3 of 3 messages. Convert E-R diagram into tables. I am designing Railway reservation system. Scenario.