Learning what defines a good pheasant hunting shotgun for you. More The Gun Nuts. For pheasant pursuers looking for an even heavier payload, Remington does offer two, 3-inch variants with 1⅝ ozs. If you had to use just one shotgun for pheasant hunting, what would it be? Hunting Type: Flusher. Bobwhite quail, and pheasants from what I've heard, are extremely aggressive to each other. Bird Dogs & Bird Hunting ; Pheasant vs. Quail Habitat Sign in to follow this . by Nice Fella ; South Dakota Self Guided Hunt. Moreover, this breed’s gentle and friendly demeanor makes him a wonderful family pet. 6; 11 months, 3 weeks ago. The flash of iridescent color exploding from the ground coupled with the mocking cackle of a rising ring-neck rooster is an unforgettable moment for any pheasant hunter about to pull the trigger. December 9, 2011. 2019 Pheasant Reports 1 2 3. posted by lindyrig79 on October 21, 2019 at 11:57 am. 8 Upland Bird Hunting Shotguns That Won’t Break the Bank A veteran bird hunter on his favorite bargain upland guns and two bonus sub-gauges By Jarrod Spilger , and Alex Robinson Another great pheasant hunting dog is the Boykin Spaniel, which was bred in the United States and originally developed to hunt turkey in the swamps of South Carolina. 88; 10 months, 2 weeks ago. Latest. Benelli Montefeltro: Best Pheasant Hunting Shotgun. ok i live in the pheasant capital of the world and hunt pheasants all season long. Choosing a shotgun for pheasant hunting is a critical and personal decision based on many factors for any hunter wanting to chase … My first encounter with Remington’s Nitro Pheasant came while hunting at Warne Ranches in South Dakota. posted by mille-lacs-guy on September 11, 2019 at 10:25 am. No problem for the Boykin Spaniel. These conditions make them excellent all-terrain dogs. of No. Are you hunting near water, thick cover, or otherwise? I don't think it is limited to males on males though, the females can be aggressive as well. Although I doubt they would attack you. Pheasant and quail are pretty hardy, the cold shouldn't affect them too badly. 4 or 5 shot at 1350 fps. As the most often utilized hunting dog among the German hunting establishment, the Drahthaar has earned his popularity through his intelligence, concentration and unsurpassed endurance. i prefer shooting federal premium copper plated #4 or #5 in 2 3/4 inch lead, when its in the early season. by Mike Happe ; I suck at pheasant hunting- help appreciated! By Phil Bourjaily.