Many of the best guitarists in the world play PRS instruments including Al Di Meola, Carlos Santana, Dusty Waring, John Mayer and John McLaughlin, among others. With the addition of SE Hollowbody II piezo model it’s also becoming one of the most versatile. If so, you should look at a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) acoustic electric guitar, because it has birds of various shapes, sizes, and species along its neck. The 10 Best PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars: Full Review & Buyer’s Guide If you’re in the market for a new guitar and are wondering which is the best PRS Guitar for your needs, then you’re in the right place. Ben Morgan-Brown tries the latest in PRS’s ‘more affordable’ acoustic range PRS may be best known for its much admired solid bodied electric guitars but it has also been making luxurious acoustic instruments for a good few years. Editor’s Note: Originally published May 26, 2020. The problem has been with that word ‘luxurious’. In reviewing these guitars, we took a hard look at all the important features that any guitarist must have and we narrowed down this list based on instruments which best exhibited these features. After spending a few hours playing the PRS SE Angelus AX20E and SE Tonare T40E and making my best guess, I was shocked (in a very good way) to discover that my price estimates were … The quality of PRS’s SE guitars makes the Annapolis builder’s accessibly priced line one of the most rock solid in the business. But here they are – and an affordable SE series, no less. They’re hand crafted in … PERFORMANCE Whenever I receive an acoustic guitar for review, I prefer to approach the instrument “blind” and guess the price before doing further research. PRS SE Tonare T40E (Image credit: PRS Guitars). Acoustic Review is a free and impartial website for all things acoustic guitar, offering honest opinion and advice. Vintage® add 4 string Electro-Acoustic Bass Guita Coming Soon - Check out the the review of … In the 35 years since guitar builder Paul Reed Smith founded his eponymous brand, his premium instruments have become the modern benchmark for electric guitars. Hence this review, so you can easily find the best PRS Guitar. PRS guitars’ signature, other than the Paul Reed Smith name itself, are the decorative, in-flight birds that replace the standard dots … The parlor acoustic guitar is an iconic shape that is instantly evocative of the delta blues and folk players of the 1930s, but we never thought we'd see PRS putting any out.