While the close grip bench press doesn’t isolate the triceps alone and requires other muscles, like the chest, it is still a great alternative to tricep pushdowns. You can change the target from your triceps to the chest simply by leaning a bit forward. Now that you have an assortment of alternative triceps exercises other than rope extensions, should you be training these exercises with heavy weight or light weight? Can you get stronger while cutting? In addition, dumbbell exercises require more muscular action to stabilize your body throughout the entire lift. This exercise might be a bit tricky to get used to while you are first starting because it does require a degree of balance and coordination however just know that it is well worth it. Commonly known as skullcrushers, lying triceps extensions are a great way to isolate your triceps muscles. Arnold used this exercise during his prime in order to build his big triceps. Once you have enough strength, you can add a dip belt or used other advanced techniques to make dips harder. According to Dr. Israetel, the average intensity for most people to grow their triceps is around 16 hard sets per week. If you have time at the end of your workout to add another triceps set, go ahead and do it. Gradually move in as you can safely to build up the muscles. Most triceps exercises require you to keep your elbows in tucked at your sides. There are also triceps alternatives listed in this article that you can do. You can try a shoulder-width base to start. You most likely won’t run into the risk of overtraining. But what are some other exercises like the rope extension that are great at developing triceps? Lying tricep extensions with a kettlebell variation. Sign up below for FREE instant access to a report from jump expert Jacob Hiller on how to improve you vertical by 2-6 inches in 45 minutes! Varying your grip on push ups can make the exercise more challenging and make it feel as though you have added more resistance. All you need is a dip stand … There are several variations listed in this article such as the lying triceps extension, one-arm overhead cable triceps extension, and many others. Posted by 6 years ago. While a single dip may be difficult for beginning athletes, advanced lifters will be able to rep out dozens. The close grip bench press may be the best of these tricep pushdown alternatives for athletes. This is because, in compound exercises, more muscle groups are involved allowing you to overload the exercise. Triceps dips can be performed on a dip bar or on a bench. | All Rights Reserved. If you this exercise in your program, but want to mix it up or don’t have access to a cable machine, the tricep pushdown alternatives below can help bolster your next workout. The skull crusher is an exercise that is widely recommended for improving triceps development and for increasing overall bench press strength. Your body weight is all that you need for resistance for these. Copyright 2014-2019 by Postema Performance. Alternatives To Overhead Triceps Extension. Lying tricep extensions also use bars instead of a cable machine. Photo by: Eric Astrauskas. Kickbacks have the benefit of using dumbbells, and not needing a special machine to target the muscle group. Because it provides constant resistance throughout the motion even at the end points. Do you feel light headed after deadlifts? The advantage of the dumbbell skull crusher is that you are able to isolate both at a time targeting any weaknesses or muscular imbalances. Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, Fierce 5 Review, The Good, The Bad, What You Need To Know. The tris are the main muscle used, but you will also be challenging your core stability and overall isometric strength in your upper body. It is a staple in every bodybuilder’s program because of how effective it is in targeting the lateral head of the triceps. You can vary your choice in resistance – dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell. Playing around with grip width is a great way to add in variation to your typical routine. Overhead triceps extensions helps your triceps to get contracted and actually it is an isolation movement which targets your triceps alone. What makes rope extensions stand out from other triceps exercises is the fact that at the end of the motion, you can target your triceps even more by pulling both ends of the rope apart. While your body is in a different position in dumbbell kickbacks, kneeling on a bench and leaning forward, it is the exercise that most closely simulates a triceps pushdown. The exercise is as intimidating as the name suggests. Overhead Extension with Kettlebell Because triceps are a relatively small muscle group, they could be trained often and should be trained at least 2 times per week. In addition, if you are using a compound triceps exercise such as the close-grip barbell bench press or the triceps dip, then you should go even heavier. The barbell is a reliable free-weight variation of the traditional overhead triceps... 3. You can get creative with triceps extensions. Moving your hand grip closer together than traditional push ups will target your triceps more than your chest muscles. Tricep pushdowns are a classic bodybuilding exercise, but you may not always have access to a cable machine or simply need some variety in your training program. It also depends on your experience level and how much stimulus your body needs in order for them to grow. This makes it particularly useful for home gym enthusiasts. Mike Israetel, owner of Renaissance Periodization, breaks down all the science behind training your triceps. Because you can really add heavy weight after building strength, the close grip bench press can be used as a primary exercise on your upper body days.