If you want to know more about Rode NT1A vs NT1, make sure you read this post. NT2A looks and feels very much like NT1A, with a similar satin nickel finish. I've had an nt1 for years and eventhough its a good mic it really needs a … While the Nt1 sounds a bit hollow, the NT2A … If you have used NT1a before and have a bad experience, let me assure you that the NT2A is a totally different beast. One obvious difference is the metal switches on the NT2A… Rode NT2a vs NT1a. Comparison of Rode NT1A vs Rode NT2-A Microphones. The NT1 is very new and doesn't have a lot or reviews, but the the Rode NT2-A … Also i wasn’t going for Ai-1, i was getting the 2i2 focusrite If i get the NT1 … Rode NT1 Kit vs. I already wanted the NT1 but after i look and hear the clarity of the midrange frequency on NT2a made me really confused of which to get. The main difference between Rode Nt2aA vs Nt1A lies in the audio quality. In the other hand, the NT2a alone for 6800 EGP. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. The NT2A has variable pickup pattern, variable high pass filter, variable pad and costs $200 more than the NT1A. Rode NT2-A Kit I'm looking to get a new mic for recording rap vocals along with singing vocals, both of these mics have caught my attention.