Yet Jesus had a long and personal conversation with a Samaritan woman at Jacob's well which even led to her conversion (John 4:4-30, 39-42). The influence of Christianity on SocietiesHistorians concede that it was Christianity that civilized barbarian Europe. On 17 August 2016, an article titled, “The Damning Effects Of Religion In Africa,” written by Kofi Asamoah Okyere was published on in which the writer sought to establish a case that religion impeded the development of Africa.. Religion is a major cause of physical conflicts and doctrinal disputes in Africa and the world as a whole. In fact, according to Matthew Parris, while working in Africa, he observed some of his African Christian work colleagues and confessed that it would have been convenient to believe (because of his worldview) that their honesty, diligence and optimism in their work was unconnected with personal faith but this did not fit the facts. He gave two definitions of religion as follows: “Religion can be loosely defined as a belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. About his observations, Mr Parris, confessed, “It confounds my ideological beliefs, stubbornly refuses to fit my world view, and has embarrassed my growing belief that there is no God.” I will refer to some of his observations in my responses to the points raised in Mr Okyere’s article. Their works are available in libraries and bookstores for anyone willing to examine them. For 18 years he regularly introduced anti-slavery motions in Parliament. )a{�����.Hś�-�Ze�,��Mg �Q��� ����!^>�H��Ƚ;� ߷��! His recommendation, therefore, was that African societies should put less focus on religion and a major focus on science, technology and critical thinking as this will move our development goals forward. The arrival of Christian religion like the Moslem religion in Africa has a far-reaching effect on the society. There are multiple aspects of answering this question. Women were normally left to attend to domestic affairs at home but Jesus allowed women to travel with him and his twelve disciples (Luke 8:1-3). There is a direct link between religion and laziness which contributes to poverty in Africa; religion makes people lackadaisical in their attitude towards finding practical ways to improve their undesirable living conditions. When Christianity abandoned its Palestinian roots, its new home in the Graeco-Roman world included North Africa (Maghrib ), which was the breadbasket of Rome, and shared extensive commercial and cultural relations with Palestine and the Levant. It was too obvious that what these people were in their character was actually influenced by a conception of man's place in the Universe that Christianity had taught. 6 hours ago, On Voting Day: Media Tasked Not To Rush To Declare Their Own... What I will argue is that at least when it comes to Christianity, the cure for religiously induced evils is exactly the opposite of what Mr Okyere tried to suggest. We begin to exalt commitment over feelings, forgiveness over anger, patience over shortcuts, honesty over deception and sacrifice over comfort. In his book, A Time of Transitions (2006), he emphatically observes that it is Christianity alone that accounts for the liberty, conscience, human rights, and democracy, which have become the benchmarks of western civilization. The Ordained Ministry’s Facilitating Role (2), What Has "Otani Gyimifoc" Have To Do With Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions Anti-Corruption Assessment, Animal Farm Dilemma and the Airbus Scandal, Obituary Of J J Rawlings (1947-2020) - Part 3, Transparency International Says U.k. Must Stop Risky Ghana Agyapa Royalties & Tax Haven Scheme, Not Adding Up: Australia, Iran and the Release of Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Russia, Indeed, Returns To Africa – Says, Senator Igor Morozov, Ghanaian Party Politics And Ideology Of The National Democratic Party Of Ghana, A Quick Note To Hon. Such an argument clearly will be dead on arrival. ���qA�q�&�ظ)�v���ʟ�������R���9p�f��b8$�]�m����i�m�]�n�֋��1�i�ؾB�Hϰ�w(7&О}�R�W������/"`#�E���. /Length 7025 Most religious groups discriminate against women in so many ways. There was a liveliness, a curiosity, an engagement with the world - a directness in their dealings with others - that seemed to be missing in traditional African life. He is able to transform the human heart. Matthew Parris, describing his observation of the Christians he found in Malawi and across the continent, wrote: “The Christians were always different. However, the more the Christian faith becomes a defining element in the believers and the more they practice it as a lifestyle with strong ties to its biblical origins and with intelligent commitment, the better off African societies will be. Most of the points the writer used as evidence for his case ended up proving the damaging effects of the abuse of the teachings of Christianity rather than proving a negative logical outworking of the Christian faith; the evidence only proved that professing Christians have not been Christian enough. The abolition of slavery by the British parliament in 1807 was largely due to the work of William Wilberforce, a deeply religious member of parliament. That a technology is being used by criminals to further their ends says more about the people using the technology than it does about the technology itself.