We ranked the neighborhoods from best to worst in the chart below. 2020 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Sacramento Area About this List Explore the best neighborhoods to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of … Midtown Sacramento (commonly known as Midtown) is a historical district and neighborhood just east of Downtown Sacramento.Officially, Midtown's borders are R Street on the South, J Street on the North, 16th Street on the West and 30th Street on the East. Village 5 takes the title of the worst neighborhood to live in Sacramento. Sacramento's neighborhoods offer a variety of features, lifestyles, and levels of affordability for all different walks of life. WE ARE MIDTOWN Home to world-class cultural institutions, hospitals and higher education, this area north of downtown has a rich history. In 2011, Ansley Park was recognized as one of the Top Ten neighborhoods in America by the American Planning Association. Sacramento Neighborhood Map. Sacramento Regions. The term “Midtown” is normally used to describe the entire area above 16th Street including Marshall/Boulevard Parks and … Midtown. Generally speaking, most of the neighborhoods are placed into four different areas based on … Midtown, along with its adjacent sister neighborhoods Marshall/Boulevard Park (to the north) and Newton Booth (to the South), is an eclectic area with plenty of sights and sounds. Select a neighborhood using our interactive Sacramento Neighborhood Map or links below to learn more about each one. If you're measuring the neighborhoods in Sacramento where crime is low and everyone wants to live, this is an accurate list. Sacramento has become the fastest-growing city in California, thanks to its job opportunities in education, tourism, finance, and politics.As such, quality housing is in high demand in the state capital. However, the streets in Sacramento's original "grid" that are east of 16th Street cover the area commonly called "Midtown". Residents of both the Midtown Core and the Midtown Historic district are represented within the Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) system by the Midtown Neighbors’ Association. With its plethora of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, live music venues and indie boutiques, midtown is perhaps the most popular area for young professionals in Sacramento. A unique feature of the city is the manner in which the neighborhoods are grouped. On the southern end, the Cass Corridor was known for rampant drugs and prostitution but was also a hotbed for creativity and art. Ansley Park | www.ansleypark.org. As we mentioned earlier, the neighborhoods in Sacramento aren't all good. The following neighborhoods in and around Sacramento are the most popular for young professionals. While you might think the California housing market is too expensive, there are many great areas in and around Sacramento that are budget-friendly for people of all backgrounds.