After all, the purpose of the indoor herb garden is to use it. Then check out these cool new Mason Jar Indoor Herb Gardens.Just plant the included seeds in the growing medium in these vintage-inspired, tinted mason jars, fill with water, and place in a sunny window (you can even hang them up), and the passive hydroponic … Grow an hydroponic herb garden in a Mason jar. Hydroponics In Mason … At the end of this, you should be able to get a plant growing in a mason jar, and keep it going for a few months. With a little preparation and the right plants this garden … It’s a fairly easy process to get started. If you’re growing massive vegetation like a tomato plant, you might need a larger setup with a larger mason jar. Want to grow fresh herbs with ease for your culinary creations in a decorative, space-saving way right in your very own kitchen? Put the net cup in the jar, and add water until it comes up to … We have compiled 25 DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden projects for indoor … The second way to grow an herb garden in a Mason jar is to do so hydroponically. This method isn't as expensive or difficult as many believe. … People have been using mason jars as a space-saving, hydroponic alternative for years. In this article, I will be highlighting how to grow your garden in mason jars using the hydroponic method and the benefits as well as what veggies (and fruits) are the best for indoor gardens! If you live in a crowded space and have tons of mason jars, this article is just perfect for you if you are looking for a way to finally repurpose all those mason jars. Germinate a seed. A typical mason jar hydroponic setup is good enough to cater their needs.