Manley Labs may have gotten their start creating analog hardware, but over the course of the past 30 years they've evolved their product offerings to include high-quality microphones. 0% interest for 36 months. Manley also has a unique passive EQ of its own known as the MASSIVE PASSIVE, a secret weapon that can add monstrous boosts without muddying up a signal. Manley likes to call it the “Just Add Talent” microphone. If you seem to be constantly boosting 12-18K and trying to get a clean, intimate sound, then probably the Reference Gold would be the safest bet. The added 3:1 compression ratio makes it perfectly capable of handling accurate dynamic control on a 2-buss. Owning a Manley product is a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly serve your work, clients, and studio for years to come. Not much EQ needed! Clients are always impressed by the sleek look, and I know that the build quality is top notch. Call 888.653.1184 It was a revelation the first time i used it. Its character is akin to vintage European tube mics such as the beloved U47. It starts with an innovative power supply featuring high voltage vacuum tubes, something Manley never compromises on. Place your order today to be included in the earliest possible shipment. Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Condenser ... - Vintage King Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Once you submit your review, please check your email and verify your address to have it posted. Manley’s latest gear is made in the USA using advanced machinery and premium internal components to produce the truest analog build quality. Please, Rich tonal balance and liquid character - for instruments such as guitars, drum overheads, saxophone, and especially vocals. Mains Fuse: 250 mA @ 100~120 V; 125 mA @ 220~240 V operation, Power Consumption: 70 mA @ 120 V = 8.4 Watts. Let the pro audio world hear your voice with a review of the Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone At that time, EveAnna Manley was hired on to the VTL production team prior to Manley’s first professional products (Manley Enhanced Pultec, Manley Reference Cardioid, and Reference Gold). Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is here to support you before, during and after your purchase. The Manley FORCE 4-Channel Microphone Preamp is composed of the best technology and strategies the brand has to offer. The strong Manley sound pays full respect to transients and delivers sonic excellence in just about every way. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Spot a Better Price? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Boasting a mic grade 5670 vacuum tube, Manley IRON transformers, and a low-noise switch mode power supply, the Manley Reference Silver Microphone is a studio workhorse. This mic beat out or compared to mics three times the price when I tried it out at the VK showroom. The world’s most popular modern tube vocal mic.The Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone has that “finished†sound right out of the box, making it the favorite vocal mic of top producers and voiceover artists alike.This is modern pop music’s go-to mic: flattering, present, and larger-than-life. Questions? The Reference Cardioid is considered a go-to modern tube microphone for today’s pop music artists and engineers, partly because it enhances every voice it captures. The revised ELOP+ behaves somewhat like an LA-2A, but also builds upon the original ELOP that became popular in the early ‘90s. Free shipping to the lower 48 states for online orders of $99 and up. With your present mic, if you find yourself leaning on your compressors and boosting 5 or 10K to score a bit more testosterone, then the Reference Cardioid just might be the mic you're looking for to cure what ails ya. © 1993 - 2020 Vintage King Audio All Rights Reserved. Vintage King's Los Angeles and Nashville showrooms are available for curbside pickups. . Manley Reference Cardioid: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals - YouTube The Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone shares the same electronic attributes as the Gold Reference Series, but has a center-fixed cardioid-only capsule with a thicker gauge (6 micron) gold sputtered diaphragm. Been eyeing this for years and it is so nice to finally have it in my collection. The Manley Nu Mu finesses dynamic control to bring up lower level details without knocking the life out of exciting transients. The Manley Gold Reference Multi-Pattern microphones are a statement, quite simply, of the finest microphones that money can buy in the pursuit of truly accurate musical recordings. Please fill out the form below and a Vintage King Audio Consultant will contact you with a ship date for the Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone. 36 equal monthly payments required. This product is in high demand and we are shipping as many orders as we can. It is an amazingly rich sounding mic that is not muddy. Its rich tonal balance and liquid character is consistently admired for instruments such as guitars, drum overheads, saxophone, and especially vocals. Terms and Conditions | Privacy and Security | Accessibility. I bought one and haven't looked back. For assistance in better understanding the content of this page or any other page within this website, please call 888.653.1184 during normal business hours. For assistance in better understanding the content of this page or any other page within this website, please call 888.653.1184 during normal business hours. Manley’s channel strips offer high voltage, high headroom, and high fidelity. Free shipping to the lower 48 US states on orders $99 and up. The interpretive versions of the classic Pultec EQ carry the essence of what put Pultec EQ on the map, but these models act as enhanced performers of the timeless EQ. The dense array of recording, mixing, and mastering equipment offered by Manley is designed to make work a little easier. Incredibly buy this microphone recommended by one of the recording engineers that I admire most of my country, Ariel Lavigna, who uses one and recommended me to make the purchase when I was buying a passive massive manley .. With the similar film thickness and construction, similar high frequency resonance (a little edge), similar proximity effect and pretty good immunity from pops and sibilance problems, our Reference Cardioid more closely recalls how many of the vintage European tube mics such as the beloved U47 sounded like when they were new.