Read on through our site where you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding the history, description and uses of the Border Leicester sheep, their fleeces and their beautiful wool! The Border Leicester was developed in 1767 in Northumberland, England.Their name derives from the fact that their birthplace is near the border of Scotland with their foundation stock being Dishley Leicester rams. The association is able to offer help and advice from Officers and Directors about the selection and purchase of sheep both for new and existing flocks. The Breed Association was formed in 1893 and now works to preserve the characteristics and genetics of these wonderful sheep. He will stand about 80-85 cm at the shoulder, measure 100cm from crown to tail. He developed the Dishley Leicester breed by crossing that of the Leicestershire type sheep and the old Lincolnshire sheep breed. Doulton Border Leicester wool . The fleece is heavy, curly, soft handling and lustrous, with a spiral-tipped staple 200-250mm in length, 32-38 micron. And in the early 1960s, the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association was formed to promote the breed. The Border Leicester sheep is a distinctive, large, white sheep, long in body, well sprung in ribs with well-developed chest and gigot, proud and graceful. The Dishley Leicester sheep breed was developed by Robert Bakewell in around 1726 to 1795. This original “Dishley Leicester” sheep went through several cross-breeding iterations, eventually becoming what we know as the Bluefaced Leicester. The Dishley Leicester was created and bred by Robert Bakewell (1726-1795) by crossing the old lincolnshire breed with the leicestershire type sheep. the very successful Welsh Halfbred which is produced from one of our smallest hill ewes, the Welsh Mountain ewe. The best description of the Border Leicester sheep can be given from a detailed account of a shearling ram at about 18months old. Key Characteristics. Leicester Longwool Also Known By: Bakewell Leicester, Dishley Leicester, English Leicester, Improved Leicester, Leicester, New Leicester The Leicester Longwool is a sheep breed with a long and interesting history. Physical Characteristics. The Border Leicester is renowned for its docility and good maternal qualities. The clean aquiline head, and not overheavy shoulders mean that the Border Leicester Ram can safely be used on the smallest ewes, e.g. Border Leicester sheep, their uses, advantages and where to get them! The Dishley Leicester sheep were … Characteristics of Bluefaced Leicester … Lambing percentages vary between 165-180%. Bluefaced-Leicester-Breed-Standard-2020Download BLU-Tail-Docking-RecommendationsDownload BlackSilver-BSi-ExplanationDownload Breed Standard Describing Traditional White, and Natural Colored Bluefaced Leicesters The Bluefaced Leicester is one of the three Leicester breeds of sheep [English Leicester Longwool, Border Leicester, and Bluefaced Leicester].