He was a lap steel player too, and came up with this tuning … Lap steel guitar tunings Lap steels are often tuned to specific chords, because standard tuning doesn't work well for sliding on all strings. C Major To play a C major chord, simply pluck the lowest three strings (C, E, G) in … If you tune your lap steel guitar to an open G chord , this will allow you to play specific major chords up the fretboard. On a six-string neck, for example, on lap steel guitar, C6 tuning is most usually C-E-G-A-C-E, bass to treble and going away from the player. Some other six-string C6 tunings are: A-C-E-G-C-E. G-C-G-A-C-E. BTW, my lap steel is tuned to "Leavitt Tuning" which is named after William Leavitt (who headed the Berklee School of Music guitar program in the '60s). Another common tuning … Lap steel tunings like C6 are useful because they have a minor chord shape and a major chord shape built into the tuning.