Kjarr Water. Lance: R7 Claw (very strong) Kjarr Stream . The claw is still the best option for raw, but you are in luck because the kjarr fire ice dragon are very good and you will be using them, the water and thunder … All Kjarr elemental. Elderseal: N/A. Houses the true might of the goddess within. R7 King. Special: Fire 300. Houses the true might of the goddess within. Kjarr Para. R8 Fire. Attack: 936. Gunlance: R8 Poison. Kjarr Decay. Kjarr Bomber. ". Sword and shield: R7 Rage. Slots: 1--Defense: N/A. Statistics. Rarity: 8. R8 Water. A unique great sword made from the gold of Kulve Taroth. A unique switch axe made from the gold of Kulve Taroth. R8 Water (very strong) R8 Sleep. Pretty much any shelling lvl 4. Regarding Kjarr weapons, they are not all good and there are some taroth weapons which are better. R7 Bomber. Hammer: R8 Sleep. R7 Mud. Description. Kjarr King. Kjárr Fellsword "King" (?) Affinity: 20 % Sharpness: Blue / White. Hunting horn: R8 Sleep. Many scholars have suggested that the name is derived from Caesar, but the route it took to Scandinavia is not clear. Kjarr Para. For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Kjarr Sword Zorah any good? Kjarr Water. All Kjarr elemental. Kjárr, or Kíarr, is a figure of Norse mythology that is believed to be the reflection of the Roman Emperors.In Old Norse sources, he appears as a king of the Valir (Celtic/Romance southerners) who were the people of Valland (the Celtic/Roman south)..