There are 16 reasons which can be used to get full exemption from payment of the fee & partial exemption for blind or disabled, senior citizens and low & moderate income housing. An Affidavit of Consideration is to be filed with any deed in which a full or partial exemption is claimed from Realty Transfer Fee. Affidavit for Hardship License (for offenses that occurred prior to July 1, 2020) DUI: AOC-492.A (Rev. Kentucky Affidavit Forms Affidavit of Total Consideration Given for a Motor Vehicle – Warren County Total consideration given includes cash, the amount financed, and the value, in money, of other items (boats, trailers, guns, etc.) Seller and buyer certify pursuant to the penalty provisions of KRS 190.990(5),that each has supplied true and correct total consideration information to the best of their knowledge and belief in this document, including the above affidavit. If a person living in Kentucky dies without a will, the family or other successors may file either an affidavit of heirship to collect the personal property of the decedent, or a small estate affidavit to collect the decedent’s real estate. Kentucky Secretary of State Annual Report (online application) City, County, or Urban County Government Quarterly Insurance Premium Tax Return (FORM LGT 141 (04/05)) Affidavit of Total Consideration Given for a Motor Vehicle (71A100) Statement of Consideration & Exemptions Kentucky statutes, specifically KRS 382.135, provides that a statement of consideration is ... A consideration certificate shall contain the following: In the case of transfer other than by gift, or with nominal or no consideration a sworn, ... shall file an affidavit with the county clerk. 7-20) Affidavit for Hardship License (effective July 1, 2020) DUI: AOC-493.2: Motion for Driver's License Reinstatement: Criminal: AOC-494: Notice to Attend Alcohol … The Kentucky certified application is for an out of state vehicle, or vehicle that is “Junked in the Kentucky system, or if the Affidavit of Total Consideration is being used. Kentucky defines a “small estate” as real estate or personal property – such as bank accounts – valued less than $15,000. Note: An inspection must be made by a certified Inspector in accordance with the provision of KRS 186A.115. Commonwealth of Kentucky REVENUE CABINET AFFIDAVIT OF TOTAL CONSIDERATION GIVEN FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE KRS 138.450(9) defines "Total Consideration Given" as the amount given, valued in money, whether received in money or otherwise, at the time of purchase or at a later date, including consideration given for all equipment and accessories, standard and