around evenly with your fingers (I forgot to spread it and poured it only in It should be sof pon top. All Content Copyrighted (c) 2013 Greedy girl cooks, All Rights reserved. This shouldn’t be an issue. Fay. My mom has been making sweet potato pudding for years. Also, shall i use self raising or plain flour for this? Delicious If you have any suggestions COOK LIKE A JAMAICAN please let me know, I live almost 3000 miles away from my home town now and would love to bring that taste here. Thanks again from a Jamaica loving Dutch woman! Please let me know. Cornmeal is not the same as cornmeal flour. I should last in the fridge for a 3 to 4 days and still taste yummy. Also want to cook this perfectly so it tastes as good as the one i used to eat as a child. This is a Jamaican riddle and most people know that the answer is a delicious sweet potato pudding. week’s now. I’m the trial and error girl. I’ve been looking for a good sweet potato pudding recipe for a long time now and yours look very good, especially the rum part, lol. Allspice and ground pimento are one and the same. Thanks for taking on this work for the younger generation. I much prefer I’m 22 and as a child used to eat all of these recipes regularly at my grannys house. and the tast …. Since I started the Jamaican flavors month I have been testing a few I followed the recipe to the letter but have to say I didn’t like it at all. I almost cried when I pulled it out of the oven, I felt so good inside. This Content is for Gold Members Only, Welcome to your Gold Plus membership page. Firmer puddings became pones. Fay. Enjoy! Thank you , Hi Parady, Do you have any suggestions? Also shall i use plain or self raising flour? It turned out fantastic i was so happy Hi fay, is it dark or light brown sugar in this recipe? But you can’t really go wrong either way. They may look the same but they not. Similar to Cornmeal Pudding, it is best liked when the top, called a ‘sof pon top’, is softer than the rest of the pudding. Cook Like A Jamaican: It’s my birthday and I am thankful! Thanks for taking on the task of providing video of our treasured Jamaican recipes… Although I am a pescetarian, I’ve come to rely on the tutorials to achieve our traditional flavors. My grandmothers version is darker and stiffer, I am not sure why… probably she uses more flour, darker sugar, but the flavors are there in this recipie. to die for. Glad to have finally gotten it. I will definately be trying this recipe. Does that mean I’m not going to try? Fay, I can’t wait to try this recipe. It’s difficult for me to know what happened to your pudding without seeing it. This looks similar. the center). Now FINALLY my arsenal of baked goods is complete. I’m guessing that either the time is too long or maybe the rack in the oven is too high???? My new Jamaican friends brought this to my dinner party last night. Her sweet potato pudding is exceptional, but what if we used rum I can’t wait to call my mom and share this recipe with her. I have cooked this one, the red pea soup AND the callaloo and saltfish with fried dumplings this weekend….and it was all so delicious! Hi Fay, how are you? 1 lb is the same as 16 oz so 8 oz is 1/2 lb same as 1 cup. Hi Angie, Make sure to use fine cornmeal… not cornmeal flour. It came out perfectly! Thank you for posting this recipe. The second time I made this dish, I used nami, a costa rican sweet potato. pudding s from hence forth will always use rum cream in them, period! doesn’t my mom want me to be great at pudding? Is that what your talking about? a recipe. White Overproof or Appleton? pudding with a bit of sweet potato in it and I used rum cream instead of milk. in everything else but pudding….I need to stay in my lane. rum soaked raisins, salt and vanilla, Make sure to mix out all the sugar until its dissolved in the liquid, Pour the rest of the liquid unto the sweet potato mix and thoroughly