Snail consumption is popular in various countries around the world. Red Hen Promotions Ltd, PO Box 75, Brighouse, Before packing up your day job to breed snails, you need to ask yourself how much you enjoy living life on the edge because, according to Scotland’s Rural College, ‘this is a rather risky enterprise. Lyn lives in Wellington, south-west of Taunton, and intends to turn her small Somerset farm into the UK’s ‘snail central’. Fantastically nutritious, delicious and sustainable.’. For snail farming an open pasture should select where suitable plants are grown for feed and shelter. For the price of a fairly modest townhouse, these delightful houses with vineyards attached are far more than just country. HD6 3WF. It is recognized as a sub-category of agriculture – and is widely recognized as a very profitable and low-risk form of agriculture. There’s a new trend in the country. Bottled snail eggs can be ‘harvested’ and sold as snail ‘caviar’ while the snails themselves can also be sold as food for snakes and other reptiles. What you need to do to make a profit from your snail farm The profit margin on snail farming is high, if the correct farming techniques are applied and investment is relatively low. For those wanting to move to the countryside, the advantage of heliciculture — aside from its Scrabble value — is that it’s a relatively quick business to set up, requires little land compared to most agricultural activities and has a low environmental impact. It has become famous for its specialist produce and I think it would be possible to promote a snail farm to visitors wishing to learn about something fun yet fascinating, and also very different here in Wales.”. The cost is at £8.99 for a pack of 12. An acre of land under snail cultivation can generate potential profit of €20,000, according to Ireland’s snail-breeding pioneer Mon, Nov 14, 2016, 16:30 Marie Claire Digby “The edge of the pen is sown with white clover in the first instance, follwed by chicory, beets or winter brassicas such as chard with the first sowing taking place in March (40% breeding area) and the remainder in July – it’s a diet they like and makes for top quality snails,” Richard adds. Enclosure trenches being dug #snailfarm #snailfarming #snailfarmingtips #snailherder #snailherd #sustainablefoodsource #sustainablefoodsystem #sustainablefoodsystems #sustainablefoods #futurefood #futurefoods, A post shared by Lyn Paxman (@somerset_escargot) on Sep 26, 2019 at 8:43am PDT, Escargot meat, she explains on her Instagram account, is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates and has a low carbon footprint, ‘taking up 45 times less land than lamb to produce the equivalent amount of protein per kilo. Richard who farms at Penfras Uchaf, Llwyndyrys near Pwllheli, recently returned from a Farming Connect’s Management Exchange programme visit to Cherasco in Italy, where he attended a course run by internationally renowned snail breeding academy, Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura. Snails, often served in garlic butter, have long been regarded as a delicacy by many top chefs and it seems that collecting their slime, more correctly termed mucin or serum, could be yet another money-spinner because of its acknowledged anti-aging properties for human skin. Snail farming requires a very little start-up and operating cost. Growing numbers of people are leaving their careers behind to take up snail farming. “Yes Snail farming is very profitable” but you must understand that you need the knowledge of snail/snail farming before starting your snail farm if you must make a profit from it. With the new snail farming techniques, snails can be reared and harvested for regular availability and profit making. There’s a new trend in the country. “It was a lifetime mission to develop the business for the boys through buying adjacent farmland and buildings which had previously provided livelihoods and homes for other members of my family,” says Richard. Why merely move out to the country when an entire change of lifestyle could be yours for the same price? They credit their dad for giving each of them not only a love of the land and the incentive to safeguard their family heritage but also an entrepreneurial streak. Stanley and Heather Micallef began by growing snails in an open-air paddock. Country Life Black Friday subscription deal now on: A year of Country Life at less than half price, The story of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, the brainchild of a Liverpool curate that touched the world, Country Life's Top 100 architects, builders, designers and gardeners, A lovely country house that comes with its own vineyard and winery, A pair of English vineyards for sale which offer the dream of a new life in the country. Apart from a very occasional heatwave such as the one this summer, Welsh weather can usually be counted upon to provide the perfect damp, rainy conditions loved by snails. North Wales beef and sheep farmer Richard Hughes hopes his latest entrepreneurial idea could prove a winner. Alongside developing their own careers, the three boys, who all live locally, have invested time in the family farm business. The farm now extends to 200 acres, but Richard bought the original 70 acre unit in 1974 having set his heart on owning the farm where generations of his family had been tenant farmers for over 300 years. A great dinner party dish @holderluke #dinnerparty #michelinstar #escargot #chefs, A post shared by Dorset_Snails (@dorset_snails) on Aug 16, 2019 at 4:07am PDT. From the prehistoric age, human has been consuming snail meat because of its high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and including almost all the amino acid which is needed for human body. Visitor Logs A farmer's proposals to breed edible outdoor snails on his farm could lead to a lucrative new stream of income. Cookies Policy In addition to the challenges of choosing profitable crops for a small area, tending an urban plot requires micro farmers to be good neighbors. In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low risk business and profitable unlike many other livestock businesses, snail farming requires very little start up and operating costs. “With the uncertainty of Brexit and agricultural grants, we need to consider all kinds of diversification enterprises to safeguard the future of the family farm for future generations,” says Richard. Someone can start with N50,000 or even less depending on the size of your farm… You would need to employ a food marketing expert to identify the players, they’re brands More and more people are looking at heliciculture — that's breeding snails to you and me — as a way to switch careers into agriculture. In 1994 due to high demand for snails, Ghana exported about 620 kilograms and 1,050 kilograms of snails to the Netherlands and the United … West Yorkshire Advertising sales by Get in Touch FarmingUK is owned by Most people who set up in the 1990s are now no longer in business.’. Surprisingly, the gastropods also offer a large number of commercial opportunities: escargot meat and eggs are prized by the food industry, while slime goes into cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. “A ditch is dug in the first instance, and posts are then placed 400mm into the soil before placing plastic/fibre glass in the space,” he says. RSS feeds Published July 12, 2017 July 12, ... indoor snail breeding is now a worthwhile profit-generating option for small-scale farmers. Please contact the news editor Daniel Wild by emailing [email protected] or ringing 01484 400666 if you have a query regarding the content of this news article. She’s got a little way to go: currently she’s raising 2,000 gastropods at Somerset Escargot but plans to expand her operations to 300,000 by next year.