I think a lot of newspapers nowadays write it off like it's a fad, you know ‘everyone has depression and anxiety these days and you just pop some pills and you feel better’ or almost mocking people that they feel they need those pills to live a normal life. To obtain certification in psychiatric nursing, you need a current, active nursing license. So, I love that with nursing I know that I am here to deliver you know round-the-clock care from working on mental health wards. They are experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating psychiatric problems. For anyone who hasn't seen any of my previous videos, I am a mental health nurse and I graduated about six/seven months ago, so I'm still fairly newly qualified. changed the way that the nursing profession was viewed, Mental health nursing is the misunderstood nursing discipline. That's just something that I've always found very very strange. The attraction for many who work as Mental Health Nurses is that no two days are ever the same. Quite often when there are news stories or documentaries made about, for example, people with psychosis, they are presented as these evil people. It's not something that I could answer in a sentence or two so I find it really difficult when people ask me in the comments of videos because I can't easily reply to that, so in the future if people ask me that I'm just gonna send them the link to this video! This site uses cookies. I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse (RMN) in August of 2018 and started as a newly qualified nurse shortly after. Mental health matters. For anyone who hasn't seen any of my previous videos, I am a mental health nurse and I graduated about six/seven months ago, so I'm still fairly newly qualified. How we respond to it and take care of our mental health are what’s important. I think the media is also very guilty of underestimating the resilience of people with, for example, depression and anxiety. Her treatment of soldiers during the Crimean War revolutionized Nursing as a profession - not only did she massively improve the care that those soldiers received, she also changed the way that the nursing profession was viewed by both doctors and other medical professionals and the public as a whole. Psychiatric nurses meet the challenge of forming strong therapeutic relationships with people who have mental illnesses and often with their families as well. Mental Health Nurse. I was incredibly inspired by Florence Nightingale who is, as I'm sure you're aware, like the founder of modern nursing. Mental health nurses are typically part of a healthcare team that includes psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and other healthcare assistants. It This time around, Nurses.co.uk asked me to talk to you guys about what inspired me to become a nurse and the path that led me to nursing. I genuinely had this little toy medical kit for years. Then my dad accidentally shut my fingers in the car door when he was taking me to my dance lesson that evening and he felt so bad about it they decided to give me the medical kit even though I had bitten my nails, and I was over the moon! Each setting has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed carefully. I think it's quite common in our society for us to have stigma around people that make poor choices, but with mental illness that isn't the case, so it just baffled me that we as a society have this kind of stigma and how we don't have that same stigma for physical illness. From 2014 to 2015, there was a 58 percent increase in mental health nursing jobs requiring an RN and a 17 percent increase in demand for psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs. It can be a financially rewarding nursing specialty as well. Yet, with people with mental illness the general public doesn't seem to be as forgiving and as understanding, even though they haven't done anything wrong. But with quality, ongoing care, children with mental health complications like anxiety can go on to live happy, successful lives. Here's how you can get into nursing school! As a mental health nurse, you may be called upon to give verbal instructions to patients to help them feel more empowered in situations where they may feel they have little control. Psychiatric nursing jobs are among the most demanding, and the need for qualified nurses to fill these mental health jobs is great. Play video: are you thinking of becoming a mental health nurse? I kind of used to flip between wanting to go into dancing as a profession and wanting to go into various other sorts of things, but every career that I considered was kind of always around caring for people or looking after people. There are many reasons why you should consider a career as a mental health nurse. This time around, Nurses.co.uk asked me to talk to you guys about what inspired me to become a nurse and the path that led me to nursing. All of this was going on in the background, and I got to the point of year 12 where I kind of knew roughly what I wanted to do but I didn't know what career I needed to go into to do what I wanted to do if that makes sense. Nurses play a central role in the delivery of quality mental health services. I couldn't believe how much mental illness could impact on someone's life, and to be honest with you, the stigma then and now just still baffles me - it's not like somebody chooses to become mentally ill. ・ Mental health nursing is the misunderstood nursing discipline. Mental health nursing jobs demand significant compassion and sensitivity, and you need great communication skills that can help patients deal with challenging conditions. In the physician-APRN relationship, the PMH APRN has autonomy in decision-making and may provide a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. That was the extent of my involvement with that one-hour session, I didn't get to keep supporting them and helping them along the way. Mental Health Nurses work in a vast array of inpatient and community settings, medical centres, schools, prisons, undertaking research or universities. Additionally, you must complete 30 hours of continuing education in psychiatric-mental health nursing over the course of three years or less. I had experiences where I had made a difference and when I had helped patients that I could reflect on and go, okay I know this is really tough right now but this is why I'm doing it to do things like this and to help people like this. It's those kinds of things that inspired me and the journey that I took to get to where I am now. Today I have got for you another video sponsored by the lovely people over at Nurses.co.uk. Supporting the mental health of medical staff and affiliated healthcare workers (staff) is a critical part of the public health response. So despite my love of sort of all things nursing, when I was younger I kind of moved away a little bit from that as I got a bit older. Whether you're already a nurse or you're a student nurse I just love having chats with you guys in the comments down below! Psychiatric mental health registered nurses work with individuals, families, groups, and communities, assessing their mental health needs. I have to say I am very, very excited for the future - I'm due to start my masters in September, I'm gonna do that part-time alongside working full-time, so it's gonna be a challenge but I really just want to push myself to be the best nurse that I can be and to hopefully make changes to the nursing profession and definitely the care that patients receive. Statistics vary depending on where your sources are but it's kind of around one in three or one in four people that are going to experience a mental illness at some point in their life, so why is there still this stigma?