A well-kept secret. Arguably the most recognizable creature in Japanese iconography is the Dragon. Nowadays, traditional Japanese motifs, designs, and stylistic sensibilities are incredibly popular sources of inspiration behind many contemporary tattoos … Irezumi Irezumi (入れ墨, 入墨, 文身 (also pronounced bunshin), 剳青, 黥 or 刺青): tattoo (noun or verb). Irezumi roots in modern tattooing are very strong. We are focused on sharing and educating others about this complex art form, while shedding old taboos and misconceptions. Tebori Irezumi Tattoo. Usually, the artist leaves a blank space left somewhere on the back of the client for that sole purpose. 12K likes. Tebori Irezumi tattooing is a unique and absolutely stunning way of creating amazing body art. Irezumi Tattoo, Kansas City, Missouri. 1. Ryu Tattoo aka Japanese Dragon Tattoo. Often known as “Japanese Style”, this variety of artwork is often recognizable for the sheer lack of wasted space. Still, for three days each year, when the Sanja Matsuri festival comes around, those tattoos take over the streets, giving … Most often than not wearers of Irezumi tattoos keep their tattoo art a secret. Irezumi Body Art has been hooking up Kansas City with amazing tattoos and body piercings since 1997. Nevertheless, the irezumi art form is alive and well, though it is widely seen as either a Western obsession or a Yakuza tattoo tradition. Irezumi. When the Irezumi tattoo is ready, the master artist signs his name, much like under a canvas painting. A Community of Irezumi lovers to share wonderful pieces of art that transcend beyond mere tattoos. For centuries this was a style of tattooing that went hand-in-hand with the Yakuza (the Japanese Mafia) but started enjoying mainstream notoriety on this side of the Pacific in the mid-’90s. There is only a handful of people in the world who can perform Tebori properly and in its original and true form.