Follow these steps to see an example of using the numeric keypad, shown below: Almost all computer users prefer typing numbers into their computers using the dedicated numeric keypad as opposed to the row of numbers found atop the alphabets on a QWERTY computer keyboard. In the early days, keyboards didn’t have dedicated arrow keys so the number pad keys doubled in function. 6. Now you can use Numpad keys to move the mouse cursor. HP PCs - Numeric Keypad Does Not Work (Windows 10, 8, 7) This document applies to HP and Compaq computers with Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 operating system . In the right-pane, click on Check for Updates button. Method 1: Use The Keyboard Shortcut. To be precise, it’s the arrow keys on a number pad. You could use it to enter numbers, and you could use the arrow keys to move your cursor. Here’s how: Click the Windows icon on the taskbar (or press the Windows key). Also, there are some other shortcuts you can use. However, unfortunately, some Windows 10 users are experiencing an issue which renders the dedicated numeric keypads on their computer keyboard unusable. If your keyboard does not have the number pad, here are the other methods you can use. The key to finding a laptop’s numeric keypad is to use the Num Lock key. With the above steps, it is clear that turning on Mouse Keys and using Numpad as mouse in Windows 10 is very easy. 3. One day my numeric pad on my keyboard stop working as numbers and began working as arrow keys. When your computer Restarts, Windows should automatically reinstall the device back on your computer. There is a simple keyboard shortcut Which allows you to quickly toggle Windows mouse keys on or off. 1. You can find a full list of these shortcuts on the Microsoft Support Windows Keyboard Shortcuts page, but here are a few of the more generally useful ones: To start with, if you have a number pad on your keyboard, make sure NumLock is turned on and then you can use the pad to perform calculations. Method 2: From The Settings App Follow the steps below to see if an update is available for your computer. The other keys, i.e., Home, End, Pgup, and Pgdn are included to make it more functional. How do I switch the numeric keypad from arrow keys back to number keys? This is a training video / course on how to use a computer for beginners. Use 4, 6, 2, and 8 keys to move the cursor to the left, right, below, and up. Hope this tutorial will help you. If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you can use the Character Map of Windows 10. Before you begin , make sure the num lock key is enabled. if you have a keyboard with a number pad, you can use that number pad to enter the PIN–after you enable Num Lock. Numpad is a lightweight and straightforward software utility that emulates a virtual numeric keypad.. Ease of use and accessibility. The numeric keypad that exists on standard keyboards still exists on laptops. Check for Updates. And, use 7, 9, 1, and 3 keys to move cursor diagonally. There must be some function key that I can push to convert it back. Go to Settings > Updates & Security > click on Windows Update in the left-pane. This is a training video / course on how to use a computer for beginners. How to type Ñ/ñ on a Windows 10 laptop without Numpad. a. Windows 10 allows you to quickly sign in with a numeric PIN instead of a longer password. B. Here’s how to enable Num Lock at boot so you don’t have to press the key every time. Use the Character Map app. On your keyboard, use the following shortcut keys for the same: Alt + left Shift + NUM lock.