These magic kits are the real deal. Explore the very best simple magic tricks for amazing reactions. Seek Connection With Nature. How To Find A Magician Mentor. You always wanted to become a magician or you never imagined that it could be so easy to learn…or you tried and failed, because the tricks were to difficult.. Whether you are learning easy magic tricks with a rubber band as a hobby or are committed to becoming a professional magician with elaborate stunts, practice is essential. In the twenty-first century, that isn’t always easy. Not only is it a big responsibility, but it also requires hard work, respect and most of all patience. At any level, performing tricks will be awkward and difficult at first but gets easier with time. It's since become one of the all-time best sellers of Ellusionist, propelling want-to-be magicians into full-fledged close up magic miracle workers. If you’re new to all of this, you might have a desire to quantify the concept of what the spiritual world represents, and for you to do that is a natural desire of your rational mind. 3. Start immediately without buying expensive magic props. If you really want to be an excellent magician, you need a magician mentor. After falling in love with magic, there might come a day when you begin to wonder if it is possible to do what you love full-time by becoming a professional magician. A connection with nature is essential. 10+ Profound Ways. how to become a witch By its essential nature, witchcraft is the tool we use to interact with the spiritual world. 5 Easy Spells for the Beginner Witch; Lunar Magic for Beginners; How to Start Working With a Goddess; Seeking a connection with nature is the MOST important step to becoming a witch. What many consider to be a pipe dream is actually possible to achieve. These are not cheap magic kits that you'd find in a toy-store and give as a gift to a 10 year old. One of the most important steps to becoming a witch is to connect with nature. Simply believing that you can do so, however, is not enough. 6 Tips for Beginner Magicians. You can learn these magic tricks in minutes. You can be a professional magician. by phil taylor | Beginners Guide To Becoming A Magician, More Magician Tips, Other Product Reviews. Becoming a magician. Despite all of the glamour and fame of being a magician, becoming one is not easy. If you are interested in becoming a magician, there are some things you need to learn about magic. How to be a Magician was originally presented on Kickstarter and funded in just 24 hours.