One thing with them printed scales one line , To me, is that printers may fail to do what id want. I can't imagine how this could be improved on. Then on the next page, request PDF Files (multiple pages). You buys these things once and know your fret slots are perfect forever. Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. What a pity some popular scales are not there: classical 664mm 645mm 640mm; flamenco: 655 mmmanouche: 670mm 648mm+ all the european mandlolin/mandocello scalesadd the missing sizes and this will be the perfect slotting system! = 12.375. Designed for use with our Fret Slotting Miter Box, or your shop table saw. The b side of both templates are never going to be used by me. I thought it should be fret 12. That's just $1.75 per template! 55.00 17 piece set 1/8” Clear Acrylic Templates 11 LAYOUT & ROUTING TEMPLATES Electric Guitars LAYOUT TEMPLATES ARE MADE FROM 1/16” CLEAR MODIFIED ACRYLIC. Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. Well worth the investment. I tried making my own template out of acrylic and a hacksaw and just didn't feel confident about the spacing. #4915 Martin Dreadnought scale is commonly referred to as 25.4" but is actually 25.34". your own Pins on Pinterest Dec 6, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Daniel Day. #4914 and #4917 We offer templates for Gibson's 25.3" long scale, plus three shorter Gibson scales. The StewMac Fret Calculator can give you fret measurements for many different instruments. This is such a time saver tool and will last me for many years. This will also provide you with nut-to-fret and fret-to-fret dimensions. These are common medium-sized instrument scale lengths, Which cover instrument such as tenor guitar, tenor banjo and baritone ukuleles. Our Fret Calculator also gives you compensated bridge placement -- only at! I also know if I complained about it, StewMac would have rectified the situation immediately, so I really don't think it's worth removing a star for that. Adam from  FretFind2D told me to try turning off the printer "scaling" option and that appears to have fixed the problem. You were right about the printer. Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. I designed this page to calculate where each fret slot should be cut, measured both from the nut to fret, and from the fret to bridge. Iam building 2 tenor ukes from scratch, this template makes it easier to cut fret slots my only issue is I couldn't find info that said the first slot was the nut it should be marked on the template, Also I think there should be a centerline on the template it would make it easy to line up a fretboard that has been tapered, The built quality is great, it is way heavier than anticipated and it works really well with the fret slotting miter box.The only complaint that I have is that I wish it had a center line engraved. When building a guitar or bass and cutting your own fretboard slots (versus buying a pre-slotted fretboard,) it's very important that the fret slots be cut accurately. A typical Board Nut Offset (the distance from the end of the board to the nut slot) is .250″ (1/4) but it can be as little as .125″ (1/8). Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Then on the next page, request PDF Files (multiple pages). FretFind2D is the one I use. One thing that I really wish StewMac would do is list full dimensions for each template. Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Perfect for custom builds. Plus the acrylic was flimsy and definitely not durable.The StewMac template is worth every penny. Vintage uses the … Perfect for custom builds. Violin Makers Template Set All of the essential templates for bridge shape, fingerboard radius & string spacing for nut and bridge. Fretboard layouts are one of the more fiddly bits of building a guitar. I know it's a bit pricey, but it is machined perfectly. On a 24" scale, the 12th fret nis as 12".jim said: © 2020   Created by Ted Crocker. Use tape or spray adhesive to attach it to the fretboard and a straightedge and razor knife to scribe the position, Back to Beginner Questions - ABCs Discussions. It’s sturdy, comes with index pin. For actual size see numbers . It's also extremely durable and a lot thicker than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to using this. How to determine where to cut fret slots using the Dual Fret Scale Templates. I started using this templates about 15 years ago and I still am! This is a handy fretting scale length template, with four separate fretboard templates showing fret placement for 24", 24.5", 25" and 25.5" scale lengths. I have a case that I keep all my luthier tools in, and I had no idea if this would fit in it. There are a few online fret calculators that will give you the fret spacing for any given scale length. A must have tool for me. This is a handy fretting scale length template, with four separate fretboard templates showing fret placement for 20", 21", 22.25" and 23" scale lengths. If your good at measuring super accurate , use stewmacs. All this means is that the program compensated the fret distances. That's just $1.75 per template! In their book Guitarmaking authors Natelson and Cumpiano included a table containing pre-calculated fret spaces for a guitar with a scale length of 25.4 inches, which is the scale length I chose to use. * Cutouts for the nut and last fret are made very slightly oversize so as to more easily position the template to check fingerboard radius and string spacing. #4916 For Fender 25.5" includes fretboard cut-off and nut positions. DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news, Black Friday Sale! Accurate, strong, and simply perfect for my saw guide but I am a hobbyist that builds on two basic platforms. Not a big deal, just would have been nice to know. These templates will last a lifetime and you could hand them down to your children.More scales would be great.Thanks Stewmac. Also a cool tip on making bendy, flexible cauls that follow the shapes on a guitar. When measuring, always measure from the nut, it's more precise that way. FretFind2D doesn't just calculate fret spacing. My guitars are either 25.5” or 24.75”, and to get the templates from Stew means buying both. Powered by, Badges  |  With the 25.5" scale the frets will be spaced slightly further apart than the 24.75" scale.Bottom line what matters is your 12th fret measurement. they last so long. This is move is done to make more money, nothing more. This thing is big, heavy, dead accurate, and will stay that way forever.