Noun . The bird’s distinctive call, a kind of Bee-tee-Wee sound, has caused people in Brazil to call it the Bem-te-vi, and in Spanish Latin America, the bien-to-veo, or “I see you well.” Wikipedia . That powerful bill pounds its prey of small mammals, lizards, and baby birds against a tree limb. Even much larger birds are attacked by the great Kiskadee, usually by diving down or zooming straight at them while they are in mid-air. Etymology . Its recent breeding range expansion (see also Lockwood and Freeman 2004) and notable feeding versatility suggest a promising future for the species. The Great Kiskadee is a common, noisy and conspicuous bird. English Wikipedia has an article on: kiskadee. The Great Kiskadee also make dives directly into the water to grab fish. ‘The bright, lemon yellow great kiskadee, found in abundance, was introduced in the 1950s and is both easy to spot and easy to hear.’ ‘I can't decide whether wild chickens should be as unremarkable as kiskadees or cockroaches, or whether they bring a somewhat third world ambiance to the Island and would be better rounded up and made into a nice curry.’ The ten-inch Great Kiskadee has arrived. The great kiskadee is a common, noisy and conspicuous bird. Onomatopoeia, from the bird's call. Wikispecies . kiskadee - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. In Spanish, ... Like many members of the flycatcher family, the Great Kiskadee can catch insects in mid-air or on the ground. The Great Kiskadee has gone from a rare visitor north of the lower Rio Grande valley to a permanent resident and common breeding bird northward to and even beyond the Nueces River. Wikispecies has information on: Pitangus. A great kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus). The call is an exuberant BEE-tee-WEE, and the bird has an onomatopoeic name in different languages and countries: In Brazil its popular name is bem-te-vi and in Spanish-speaking countries it is often bien-te-veo (“I see you well!”) and sometimes shortened to benteveo. This alert and aggressive bird has a strong and maneuverable flight, which comes in handy when it feels annoyed by raptors. The Great Kiskadee, which grows from 8 to 11 inches in height, has also been introduced to Bermuda and Tobago.