The corrosion might have gotten to it or if it might be damaged in some other way. You may have noticed that if you try to open it a couple of times, it will finally work. Installing automatic electric gates is not that easy. Stones, papers, bags, pieces of other materials and objects. Make sure to look at the loop detectors when you turn the motor on. Disconnect the cables from the battery and then clean the ends of the cables, as well as the battery terminals. It’s riding inside the slots of the limit nut. You should look for corrosion and if you happen to find any, you have to clean the terminals. If it happens so that you need a new one, make sure you buy a battery which is rated for “High Cold Cranking Amps” and not the “Deep Cycle battery” because these “High Cold Cranking Amps” batteries are designed to provide maximum amperage for a short period of time, even when the battery and the weather is cold. If you hear a clicking sound coming from your gate, that is the indication that the battery solenoid switch is trying to close, but it can’t because the power is too weak. If it can be done it means that there is nothing mechanical causing the problem. By waving your hand in front of the photo eye, you will find out if it is working properly or not. Since the gate safety loop sensor is present at most gates, you should check it to see if this sensor is the cause of malfunction. This reaction is meant to produce the electrical current which allows the gate system to operate. Due to this, as the temperature gets lower outside, the internal temperature of the battery will also drop and this will make it harder for the battery to start because of the reduction of the electro-chemical reaction. The clicking sound means that everything is in order. If you happen to have a swing gate, then you have to check its joints to see if the lube has worn off. The same thing happens when you repeatedly try to start the engine. Look at the reflector if you have one. While pressing the remote you should listen and wait for the click coming from the rec receiver. You should find this light on the opener control board. You can check to see if the photo eye is working properly. This might occur with Mighty Mule Gate openers. If you can’t move it means that there is a mechanical issue involved and that it would be smart to call a professional technician. //