Chocolate Bhutlah $ 12.95 $ 7.95. Possibly the next World Record Holder of the hottest pepper. Bhutlah Chocolate Pepper Seeds. We now offer dried Chocolate Bhutlah peppers from the fresh picked peppers we had that dried out on the plants. Shop powered by PrestaShop. Many of our devoted followers enjoy the challenge of growing their own super hot chili peppers. These are great for those who want new Chocolate Bhutlah pepper seeds. Plants grow good i.. $4.00 Add to Cart. Chocolate Bhutlah is actually a cross between the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and the Douglah. He has been growing since 1967. 20 GHOST PEPPER SEEDS - WORLDS HOTTEST Naga Bhut Jolokia Cobra Chili Vegetable. Chocolate Bhutlah 5 Dried Chiles. Fresh Pepper Pods only! FREE Shipping. $12.00 $ 12. Seeds Top 10 Hottest Pepper Seed Collection $ 85.00 $ 59.95. C.ChinenseSHU 1,400,000 +\-.. $4.00 Add to Cart. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. $3.99 $ 3. All my seeds are from the 2019 crop, for 2020 planting season and have the month of harvest on the label. $7.99 $ 7. This C.Chinense SHU 1,000,000+.. $4.00 Add to Cart. Habanero Red. Hot Pepper Seeds. Add to cart. Although not official yet many claim the Chocolate Bhutlah put the Carolina Reaper to shame on heat. Gnarly Blog Sign in. Add to cart. This newer variety has great looking pods with very good flavor and lots of heat. So we offer these to those who have a green thumb and like to garden. Login/Sign up. The Scoville heat unit estimate is in the 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 range. 00. HellfireChilies. Each pack contains 10+ Chocolate Bhutlah … $3.08 shipping . That lineage creates this fabulous pepper which can actually have pods HOTTER than the Ghost Pepper. Jabba Du Hut Red Pepper Seeds . Fresh super hot pepper seeds from Bohica Pepper Hut. 3.2 out of 5 stars 199. 25+ Premium Fresh Chocolate Bhutlah Hot Pepper (Grandiosy) Seeds-M 032. The Brown Bhutlah was created by Peter Merle who is a long time grower who resides in the Canary Islands. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Jabba Du Hut Yellow Pepper Seeds. Chocolate Bhutlah. 99. Seeds are living plant embryos which depends on important grower’s skills to grow. 99. A C.ChinenseSHU 100,000-300,000.. $4.00 Add to Cart. 0. FREE Shipping. shopping_cart Cart (0) Pepper Seeds By Pod Color Red Pods Yellow Pods Chocolate Pods White Pods Orange Pods Mustard Pods Peach Pods By Plant Color Green Plants Purple Plants Purple/Green Plant By Variety 7-Pot BBG7 Bhut Jolokia Bhutlah Big Mama Fatalii Naga Reaper Brains Fresh Peppers Pepper Powders Gound Dried Peppers Facebook … Bend Over Here It Comes Again!