Samurai (SAM) --- RP = 3 --- EG = 6 --- Total 4.5 (T17th best). At later levels it will become more necessary to sub a different weapon, however. Good choice for new players returning with well-geared friends. Geomancer (GEO) --- RP = 8 --- EG = 9 --- Total 8.5 (2nd best). Thanks for the comment! Are you returning? Expensive to gear well and getting spells takes time. Also worth pointing out RNG's major selling point is enmity control, it's something COR can't do. Note: Each ranking is on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best job. If you’re patient and dedicated enough to build a Yagrush, expect groups to fawn over you. A THF couldn't do that. Where I disagree with the ranking on PUP is that the job actually requires quite a bit of gear, and questing, and AF, and gil for attachments, and slow skillups, in order to be effective. For generalist jobs, RDM is way higher than they should be, and BLU should move up a little, IMO. It doesn't have to be endgame viable just for pure enjoyment. Corsair (COR) --- RP = 7 --- EG = 7 --- Total 7 (T3rd best). The regen would have to be REALLY powerful to ever make that worthwhile. With all that being said I think WHM should be behind GEO and COR simply because you need to homework about what mobs you face to be a good WHM. Elevated by its Aeonic weapon because Stardiver is a strong weapon skill. But I feel that edge in versatility gives it a slight edge over the other jobs you've mentioned. Or I do blu and put up with taking ages to learn skills lol, if this is best option I'd happily go down this route as I enjoyed Blu from what I remember last time I played. And the "Trial Sized Trial By (element)" quests are doable at level 20, and don't take much fame. Job Overview Armed with the most efficient recovery spells, White Mages (WHM) can ensure a party's survival in the most dire of situations. BLU is good at cleaving and soloing certain things but not highly desired for end game activities. Puppetmaster (PUP) --- RP = 6 --- EG = 7 --- Total 6.5 (8th best). This was a large board that contained most of the abilities in the game. Active nearly two decades, FFXI has over a dozen active servers, receives monthly updates, and is tied to Nexon's unreleased Final Fantasy XI R mobile project. Work on story /rhapsodies then unlock all avatars and change to smn. I agree with regards to Yagrush but it depends on setup. Press J to jump to the feed. I've carried plenty of lackluster DD as well as GEOs and CORs who just afk (And sometimes not even have the spells learned), but it's hard to carry a bad WHM or a clueless tank. And become a Magistrate or Judge. Scholar (SCH) --- RP = 5 --- EG = 6 --- Total 5.5 (T11th best). Excels in low buff situation but can fall behind two-handed DDs when lots of buffers are present. Between Esuna, Divine Seal/Accession, Divine Caress, 24% Divine veil and a 3-8 sec Sacrifice CD, there's enough tools where no one is debuffed for long. I've decided I wanna try smn for endgame, but before I start smn I want a 99 job to max fame, get all summons etc. PLD RNG‘s ranking is actually quite accurate, IMO. It can still also main heal if needed and can solo well, making it a good job for returning players. Summoner is and always has been one of the best solo jobs itself. My line of thought behind putting RDM up there a little further is that it's a job that is beneficial to have in every fight, regardless of the enemy. Chancellor of Germany. Summary: Almost primarily utilized as a DD in the current game. PUP BST RDM BLU SCH seems to be significantly better than the others at no trust solo. And THF only really viable for farming? Even if RDM has more niche in endgame than BLU, for returning players, it's certainly BLU > RDM and ranking isn't reflecting that fact. That's a fair point. Summary: The versatility of Red Mage makes it easy to find a role in many groups. I can see PUP certainly has more value in certain setup with less support, or certain fight, but in melee setup it's not always attractive enough to make it that high. Final Fantasy XI [edit | edit source] The original and Rise of the Zilart jobs together. Best Job Combinations & Builds in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - which jobs to pick for your first and second class. It’s an expensive job to gear up and works best in strategies with other ranged attackers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Summary: Was recently good but was nerfed by SE, requiring BSTs to be close to pet to do a Ready move. That's OK with me! Just leveling so fast these days learning abilities is going to be a pain? Wow , Monk is the worst in the game now :( , i mean Monk never really had a place in endgame back than only for a chi blast build. Edit: Just noticed blu is a tad lower than RDM too. Yag shines with melee setup a lot more. This helps improve kill speed and lets healers focus more on keeping everyone alive. That said if you want another 99 job for random stuff, I'd suggest thief. Solo or Lowman, maybe. An automaton can tank many single target fights with no healing required. Masamune I – the most powerful Katana, which is treated as a one-handed sword for gameplay purposes. By completing certain quests after reaching level 30, the door to many other exciting jobs will open. Despite the community loves to bash BLU, it's still one of the best job in game. Happy to have a discussion on those statements I've made that "aren't even remotely true" so I can learn why you think so! If anything, NPC trusts are more reliable in combat than human players were back in the day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The six jobs denoted with the gold border are available to any new character.. All other jobs are unlocked by initiating a quest on another job at level 30 or greater. Thrives in smaller groups. So in that way PUP's strength isn't quite relevant in melee pt but it's weakness becomes more critical. Drk, drg, blu and bst are on my radar. Like I mentioned in my summary about the job though, there's only really need for 1 RDM most of the time. Hell, if you have healer experience in other MMOs, you can play WHM. (up until it's possible), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.