The papaya tree, originally from Mexico, is also grown in Brazil, Africa and India; it looks like a palm tree, typically with a height of between two and five metres. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the chain reaction set off by free radicals may cause the breakage of cell membranes, thus altering the barrier that filters everything that enters and exits from the cell. - viene studiato da oltre 30 anni da ricercatori e scienziati internazionali di chiara fama, tra i quali il Prof. Luc Montagnier; Per conferire ad Immun’Âge le proprietà antiossidanti e di sostegno delle naturali difese dell’organismo, la via più promettente è stata suggerita dalla tradizione giapponese: la lunga bio-fermentazione, della durata di 10 mesi, e l’utilizzo di sola Papaya colta ancora acerba, sono condizioni essenziali che rendono il nostro prodotto unico. Close the lid and place them onto a shelf in your pantry, or leave on your kitchen bench. Allow the fruit to ferment for 24 hours. ZUCCARI is the only Italian producer to have developed the process of bio-fermentation for papaya. Coming up with a production process that is both rigorous and independent was essential to increase quality standards. Its story comes from way back: it was first isolated in 1923 by M. Boulard in lychees, a fruit from the Far East that is also served on our tables today. The “loose” powder might not suit everybody, because it could feel unpleasant in the mouth. Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme was invented by Dr Akira Osato 51 years ago and more than 130 clinical research papers have been published since 1969. Oxidative stress happens when an oxygen molecule divides up into single atoms with unpaired electrons known as free radicals. The substances that generate free radicals can be found in the food we eat, in the medications we take, in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. A link has been observed between free radicals and ageing, defined as a gradual build-up of damage caused by free radicals. If Pure Papaya is the favourite of experts in bio-fermented papaya, Papaya Start-up is the choice of those who are beginning treatment with a particular need to promote energy metabolism with Vitamin B12 and to optimise the absorption of active ingredients with BioPerine, a natural extract of black pepper; Papaya Defense is enriched with Immunototal Complex, a special mix to defend the body with a natural shield; Papaya Recover contains added Recufast Complex, for rapid and full recovery after flu or during convalescence, plus mycotherapy extracts such as Cordyceps sinensis and Reishi; finally, an indispensable product during and at the end of the warmest months is Papaya Soleil to prepare the skin for tanning, to help protect against photo-ageing damage by improving the pigmentation of the epidermis, to promote an even complexion and to prolong the tan after exposure. Its pulp is fragrant and sugary, rich in enzymes. - contiene esclusivamente FPP®, è certificato e senza aggiunta di coloranti, conservanti, additivi chimici ed OGM; - viene prodotto in Giappone Società a socio unicoP.IVA-VAT / C.F. + 39 0461 420527Fax + 39 0461 820620Mail: [email protected]. Immun’Âge, a base di FPP® (Fermented Papaya Preparation) è l’unico prodotto al mondo ottenuto con un processo tecnologicamente avanzato e brevettato di bio-fermentazione, della durata di 10 mesi, della Carica Papaya colta ancora acerba, che garantisce all’estratto di Papaya l’efficacia antiossidante e di sostegno delle naturali difese dell’organismo. Fermented green papaya is especially beneficial for our health. Since fresh coconut water deteriorates so quickly once it is exposed to air, it is best obtained and consumed in the tropics where it can be purchased fresh, with all the nutrients and enzymes in tact. ZUCCARI, through its Optigran process, offers a micro-granulated product for instant solubility in the mouth, making the stick-pack ideal for consumption under the tongue. ZUCCARI lets the “good” bacteria of this particular strain act undisturbed for a few months. A sophisticated process harnesses the power of this fruit and other valuable ingredients to create the Manju fermented green papaya drink. What is Atchara? × Effect & benefits Applications User report & FAQ. 2. US $26.50-$26.50 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram (Min ... herbal extract accounts for 2%, other extracts accounts for 1%, and fruit extract accounts for 1%. [ Placeholder content for popup link ] 10 bustine per ritrovare benessere e vitalità a tutte le età. 30 o 60 giorni per ottimizzare benessere e difese naturali dell’organismo. Take it just before going to bed or at least 2 hours after a meal. - conformemente alle normative internazionali ISO 9001:2000 (certificazione di qualità), ISO 14001:2004 (certificazione ambientale), ISO 22000:2005 (sicurezza alimentare) e FSSC22000 (certificazione per i sistemi di gestione della sicurezza alimentare) Le proprietà antiossidanti del frutto della papaya sono note da tempo e sono prevalentemente riconducibili al suo contenuto in vitamine e minerali: il frutto fresco, in estratto o liofilizzato, possiede solo discrete proprietà antiossidanti esogene attribuibili alle vitamine A e C. Il processo brevettato di bio-fermentazione, che caratterizza Immun’Âge, permette invece di modificare profondamente anche il contenuto di proteine e carboidrati, originando un complesso di nuove sostanze con proprietà documentate in letteratura scientifica.