Supernumerary Competencies for Nurse Practitioners in Emergency Care ©Emergency Nurses Association, 2008 Questions regarding this document may be directed to: Emergency Nurses Association 915 Lee Street Des Plaines, IL 60016-6569 Phone: 847-460-4119 Email: [email protected] Website: RECOMMENDED CITATION Emergency Nurses Association. Then, an expert inquiry form was prepared for Along with this, JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY NURSING, accessed through the database of SCIENCE DIRECT, revealed 283 results for ’emergency nurse competency’ from years 2000 to 2012, out of which 9 results were used. The competency standards from the FEN supported nurses to determine their level of experience through an interactive framework assessment tool, whilst the CENA practice standards applied to an ‘experienced emergency nurse’. Competence Evaluation Standards for Emergency Nurse Spe-cialists (CCESENS) was performed in the second phase using items and correlation analysis. This pilot study aimed to test data collection methods, tools and processes in preparation for a larger national study to investigate specialist competency standards for emergency nurse practitioners. (2008). Utilize performance improvement to provide quality patient care . s entry-to-practice population foci competencies from advanced specialty practice standards. Exhibit cultural competence in practice 41. Objectives: (a) Differentiate competencies and practice standards in context to specialty NPs using the emergency specialty as the exemplar, (b) articulate the process to develop the PSMSNP that evolved from an evidence-based practice analysis of NPs working in emergency care, (c) apply the … Acknowledge and intervene for vulnerable populations 42. Emergency standard E1.2 Students finishing their programme in placements under standard E1 will be provided with protected learning time.1 Superseded standard/s Standards for pre-registration nursing education (2010): R4.6.1 Programme providers must ensure that students are supernumerary during all practice learning. 22 The competency standards from ENA and NENA, and the practice standards from CENNZ, required emergency nurses to demonstrate their competence for … Practice Standards for the Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) . First phase Step 1: A focus group was first organized to construct the core competence framework and draft the evaluation index. Background/purpose: The growth of advanced practice nursing specialties requires additional expertise for practice that goes beyond entry-level competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities. The database of MOSBY NURSING INDEX revealed 411 results for ’emergency nurses competencies’ of which 3 results were availed. A practice standards model for specialty nurse practitioners (PSMSNPs) is introduced that differentiates entry-to-practice population foci competencies from advanced specialty practice standards. 3.1.1.