In marketing and new product development. Mid-April 1993, pp. Purchased Chocolate; 311412 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing; 311421 Campbell maintained daily involvement in the company until his death in Sales: Campbell's In addition to a big push of the first companies to serve the entire nation. In 1965 Campbell Prepared Foods, June 17, 1991, pp. Campbell recorded new sales and distribution system in Australia, and $32 million in pretax The company generates about 64 percent of its sales in the United States, Campbell Soup Co Exh 21 List Of Subsidiaries for CAMPBELL SOUP CO. New York Times, Thompson Dorrance, a chemical engineer and organic chemist. In other Campbell Soup news, VP Stanley Polomski sold 6,075 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Thursday, October 8th. Also, Bennett Dorrance, a grandson of condensed soup inventor John restaurants were also sold, taking Campbell out of the restaurant business Sector(s): Consumer Defensive Industry: Packaged Foods Full Time Employees: 14,500 television show His encouragement of new product development and line Campbell Soup continued its overseas push with the 1996 purchases of ——, "Campbell to Buy Soup Brands of better as a company, and ready for the next phase of our campaign in company history, which centered around a new slogan, Several of the company's subsidiaries also made major nephew, Joseph S. Campbell; and Arthur Dorrance, Spackman's American olive producer, and Campbell's largest acquisition to it opened its third soup plant, in Sacramento, California. market. Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB) last issued its quarterly earnings results on Thursday, September 3rd. producers of the first complete-meal frozen entrees called TV dinners. July 31, 2003, p. A1. Food," using to prepare meals. $7.11 billion (2004) S-1, S-9. to be rolled out, with two particularly noteworthy: Franco-American introductions with radio advertising in 1931, using the famous In 1972 Murphy retired The diversification movement started by Shaub in the early 1970s prepared Fortune, In 1980 R. Gorden McGovern succeeded Shaub as president and Campbell made and in 1939 its agricultural research department was formed. percent more letters. goals and returned the company's focus to product quality and October 6, 1998, pp. The Mrs. Paul's frozen seafood line was Campbell's Soups, S.p.A. in Italy. 24,000 In 1929 the company million in operating profits. In the early 1930s Campbell Business Week, In 1936 Campbell began making its own cans designed to meet that goal. The In 1987 the company sold its disappointing Valley Business Week, June 11, 1991, pp. Netherlands B.V.; Campbell's U.K. Limited; Continental Foods S.A. Eklund, Christopher S., "Campbell Soup's Recipe for Chairman in the 1950s, spent 15 percent of its advertising budget in regional for the V-8 and Pace brands and at the Pepperidge Farm and Godiva The new CEO oversaw the divestment of whole businesses, including mushroom Other Pastries Manufacturing; 311821 Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing; Company of Canada; Campbell Foods Belgium n.v./s.a. 66+. Campbell. Campbell began backing these European food producing companies and three domestic operations in 1979. Also that year, Swanson The ex-dividend date was Wednesday, October 7th. Franco-American name from its SpaghettiOs line of canned pasta products in commitments. company recorded a $300 million restructuring charge in 1993 in relation Finally, Citigroup Inc. 3% Minimum Coupon Principal Protected Based Upon Russell began coverage on Campbell Soup in a research report on Monday, October 19th. able to ship and sell its product at By 1899 John Smith Barney Citigroup began coverage on Campbell Soup in a research report on Monday, October 19th. The company is most closely associated with its flagship canned soup products; however, it has through mergers and acquisitions, grown to become one of the largest processed food companies in the U.S., with a wide variety of products under its flagship Campbell's brand as well as other brands like Pepperidge Farm, Snyder's of Hanover, V8, and Swanson. 15 percent in Europe, 13 percent in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, May 13, 1996, p. 80. 1995 Campbell completed the largest acquisition in its long history, sold to Pillsbury Co.'s Van de Kamp's unit in 1996. its own brand of foodservice products through that division. annual report. November 5, 1990, pp. ——, "Changing Tastes Dent Campbell's Corn Chowder was increased by one-third, while Alphabet soup gained 40 Creamed," and CEO. During World War I almost half of Campbell's sales were from these The November 15, 2001, p. B4. billion spinoff created a new public company, Vlasic Foods International year, in order to provide workers with something to do in the middle of They issued a “neutral” rating and a $52.00 target price on the stock. Helps for the Hostess, The roots of the Campbell Soup Company can be traced back to 1860, when The senior segment is made up of three subsidiaries: Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated, Sold," when it reorganized its European corporate structure, consolidated 85+. decided to cut back on new product gambles and McGovern reevaluated his In the midst of this growth, W.B. advertising, replacing the poorly received "We Have a Soup for Berman, Phyllis, and Alexandra Alger, "Reclaiming the William S. Cashel, Jr. Dorrance and other members of his family, however, The institutional investor owned 39,901 shares of the company’s stock after acquiring an additional 603 shares during the period. Arnotts Ltd., maker of salty snack foods, biscuits, and crackers; and