These are beautiful birds and an important species. I don’t hunt and never have hunted these areas but I just like having them there and now they are being lost and the fish will follow since they keep pushing the limits up to the river banks and they build retaining ponds or just pipe the storm drains into the creeks. The Government of Ontario, apparently. ON Melina. Law-abiding hunters who don’t want to eat them will have to either deliver the dead birds to a disposal facility or bury them on their property. Responsible legal hunters as you refer to them will harvest their cull and deliver them to a disposal facility or bury them. Yet, their answer to their self created problems is always to kill. I might add that the same kind of killing was done in the southeastern USA of Carolina Parakeets which were allegedly damaging and or destroying crops. I also agree with the comment that states this mission is driven by cottage associations and people who do not necessairly want to look at the decrepid scenery these birds leave in their wake. Your email address will not be published. At a time when the world’s biodiversity is suffering, Ontario should be proud of this success story. If a property owner lives within the limits of a municipality section 31 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation ACT does not apply as it is illegal to discharge a firearm within the limits of the municipality for public safety, leaving no recourse. They are not destroying whole ecosystems as some would have us believe. I live on Head Lake in the Kawartha’s. 6. Do you even know what the word means? Your welcome in advance. The cormorant has the ability to submerge its body into the water where all that is seen is its head. Why are politicians making wildlife decisions? ON Melina. As long as that is the case, then we don’t oppose it. She loves to go birding, camping, swimming, and skiing and to play hockey with her husband and two daughters, Kestrel and Castilleja. Non-native fish are an important part of the cormorant’s diet. There is a small island that we used to go to and fish, swim and picnic. Here’s what you as an individual can do to express your objection to this unfortunate hunt. You “activists” get those cameras ready for our fall hunt on these invasive species. Is it just because of the cormorant's unappealing, even ugly look that we think it couldn't possibly be edible? Hunters everywhere should be extremely upset that this so-called HUNT is taking place. There are no measures in place to control how many cormorants will ultimately be killed locally or regionally. Killing of Cormorants, at the rate of 15 per day, in the time span of 3 and a half months will greatly reduce the population of the bird. FYI do your research on the damage they have already done in the Georgian Bay area. It is enough to get me out and get my hunting lic just to remove these predators from the area, This is not a hunt This is a slaughter. Low light conditions would be the greatest problem in differentiating them. Few people consider cormorants to be edible. Cormorants are located near rivers, lakes and along the coastline. and Cormorants have long been maligned and persecuted in North America. Oppose the senseless slaughter of cormorants, Action Alert, January 3 2019, Changes to Ontario’s wildlife law threatens science based decisions and conservation, Blog. gtag('js', new Date());

The Ontario Government is allowing us the ability to address the problem in our own areas. We felt privileged to witness this scene, it was an exceptional wildlife viewing experience that very few have ever seen close up. They serve a useful purpose in the environment by providing guano, eating invasive fishes and birding opportunities for the burgeoning ecotourism industry of the province. He called his friends in, and they drank akvavit and ate the bird.". function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} "I wonder if it was true," writes Mr Henderson. 4. Cormorants are magnificent birds, part of our ecosystems, just like humans. Well, the cormorant looks scraggy and black and awkward, but we do eat ducks that live, like them, on fish, and ducks that live on unknown "small water animals," according to the books. Give me one example of sustainable hunting that Ontario Nature supports – and I mean SUPPORTS, not just fails to oppose. I support cormorant management but it’s unfortunate that the government has chosen to use regulated hunting as the tool to do so. Obviously very few of you have scuba dived in a body of water decimated by cormorants. It did well without us for millennia and it will continue to do so if we keep our interests to ourselves. Professor Jim Quinn from McMaster University confirms that studies he has been involved with reveal that cormorants are feeding mostly on problem fish such as round goby and alewife. These birds are beautiful unlike the ‘hunters’ who wish to slaughter them. Apparently they spawn a month earlier than the Muskie and eat their eggs… what a shit show! This is a revolting form of trophy hunting and it is ugly. I consent to receive emails from Ontario Nature. Additionally, cormorants are colonial birds, often feeding, roosting or nesting in high concentrations. Well, the cormorant looks scraggy and black and awkward, but we do eat ducks that live, like them, on fish, and ducks that live on unknown "small water … I have worked and lived on Southern Georgian Bay and the Trent Severn area for most of my life. Double-crested cormorants are also considered pests to aquaculturists because of their intense predation on fish ponds which can cause thousands of dollars in losses to farmers. About 500 cormorants live there now, having only moved in (or perhaps back) less than ten years ago. Using the cormorant as a scapegoat. Entire ecosystems completely destroyed, some of the richest habitats in Canada gone forever.