Includes mounting screws. Add to Cart Compare. Posted by Unknown on Jun 20, 2019 Very good quality bridge. Gotoh string thru body hard tail guitar bridge with chrome finish. Gotoh string thru body hard tail guitar bridge … a set of nut files or take it to a shop will get it done. I've made an aluminum saddle bridge for my acoustic guitar and made comparisons with my previously bone saddle bridge. Wraparound Lightwieight Aluminum Guitar Bridge - Bridge only. The Pigtail Aluminum Wraparound Bridge is made of lightweight aluminum for tone, with a slightly lower profile to help solve high string action problems.. $49.95. The stock tailpiece on this guitar was heavy, and I think it was bad for tone. Posted by smnm on Feb 4, 2019 I have 4 LP style guitars with wraparound bridges … both bridges … Radius was just right and no buzzing. 5 good bridge at any price! This adjustable bridge/tailpiece adds intonation adjustment to the Les Paul ® Junior and similar guitars… A stainless steel Nashville bridge from"Philadelphia Luthier Supply".com has a 2 inch E to E string spread. Solid steel saddles with 2-1/16" String Spacing. An ABR-1 Stainless Steel bridge from "Calliham" you'll have to notch the bridge saddles. Quick view. Going back to the 1950s, the prized tailpieces were lightweight aluminum… Replacing clunky hardware with lightweight components. Gotoh Non-Tremolo Bridge w/ Steel Saddles-Gold. Gotoh | sku: GBST3-21.