Custom sizes also available. Memory foam is a high-quality and affordable material for mattresses and mattress topper. The LUCID memory foam mattress uses a blend of both high and low-density memory foams. Overview 1. The foam is well ventilated so your mattress will be able to breathe and not get too hot overnight. It comes with a soft rich poly-terry fabric cover for easy wipe-down cleaning. 5 inch mattress works good for individuals who weigh up to 250lbs, but if you are on the heavier side or you just want some extra thickness, choose 6-inch mattresses. Overview. The Nectar Mattress is a high-quality, affordable foam mattress that offers close conforming and great pressure relief. AVERAGE SCORE 9.24. Buy single, double, king and queen size Ayurvedic mattress online made with natural latex and memory foam at an affordable price with 100 days trial & 5 years warranty. This bed comes in Medium Firm, or 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale, which is one of the most popular firmness options among all sleepers. This 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress offers one inch of memory foam as the top layer, two inches of super-soft foam beneath that, and three inches of a supportive layer. Livpure’s 6-inch Orthopedic memory foam mattress is your answer to disturbed sleep due to back issues and getting an increased quality of sleep. Layla 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review. Layla got its start in 2016 and has given that progressed into one of the most popular bed linen destinations on the market. Both 5 or 6-inch memory foam mattresses are generally made of two or three layers of foam. But, the decision depends upon how much your weight is? The 5 inch HD foam assures a perfect posture when you lie on this best orthopedic mattress as it adapts to your body to guarantee undisturbed sleep. While this isn’t exactly unheard of in the realm of memory foam mattresses, the LUCID mattress advertises itself as being a solution to similar hybrid mattresses which tend to be very soft, even when compared to other memory foam products. In this Lucid 3-inch gel memory foam mattress topper review, we will unpack all necessary details about this mattress, from its design and construction to its heat regulation. In addition to the all-foam Layla we’re looking at today, the brand name likewise offers a hybrid, 2 pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, accessories, and more!